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MalakF Sep 7
I wanted to fly,
But my request for wings
Was denied.
MalakF Sep 2018
I’ve accepted defeat.
I’m literally on my knees kissing deaths rotten feet,
begging him to please let me join his team.
MalakF Sep 2018
As a kid,
there's this story I've been told.
It's about the most expensive thing you can buy,
they say it's not something you can hold,
nor something you can see,
how crazy does it seem to bid everything you have for this illusive dream?

Yes, a dream
as some people don't believe that the product is really real,
that there's no guarantee
that such a thing would cease to exist
in a world full of twists.

What is this myth?
What is this so called 'fairy light'?
Is it in hide or in our sight?
Some say you can see it when you close your eyes,
but I guess I'm just one of the many blind.
MalakF Aug 2018
Who in the right state of mind would rebel against the gods;
the ones whom kept them alive,
doing everything they can to not let you die,
the only thing that has done nothing but stand by your side?
Why would you rebel against the only thing that will always be able to forgive you no matter what you do?
This body of yours wants nothing more than to see you flourish,
it has a mission and is not programmed to abort it.
Take care of yourself and your body.
MalakF Aug 2018
Everything is fine
except the fact that I have a war going on in this head of mine.
I'm tired and afraid of these thoughts in my head,
all I wanna know is when all of this is going to end.
MalakF Aug 2018
Everyone has noticed - my friends and family are all worried.
They all somehow know that my mind is going all blurry
and that I spend my time hoping that my life will hurry.
Forget everything I said about getting better as none of it matters.
All I know is that I'm going sick again.
MalakF Jul 2018
I can’t wait to go on my first date with happiness.
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