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BirdShark Nov 2017
You live in the moment
Day after day
Never quite remembering
Never quite predicting

But you live in a moment
Day after day
That keeps repeating
Always repeating

You do the same things
Day after day
If you did something different
Maybe something could change

We live in a controlled loop
Day after day
It’s easier that way
Structured and arranged

We’re stuck in a cycle
Day after day
Redoing our actions
Again and again

You want to break out of the cycle?
Be free of this mess?
Maybe you can
If you try your best

But who really wants to?
Isn’t this easy.
Just keep it repeating
Repeating, repeating.
What do you do that makes each day different? Are you just stuck in an endless cycle of matching moments?
Poetic T Aug 2017
history is an old cassette tape
                     being rewound
and repeating
        we need a new tape...
nabi 나비 Dec 2016
People say that history will always repeat itself
I don't really believe that that is always true
It's all up to you
You choose how the future will be
When things happen in the past
You can't hide
because then you're going to miss everything
Open your beautiful eyes
And take an adventure
Make friend with someone across the world
Be a groupie on your favorite bands tour
Buy that thing you've been eyeing for months
Make a random adventure
Because life will always stay the same if you let it
And if you leave like that history IS going to repeat itself
but if you hope and take risks
The future won't be the same
So open your eyes and take a leap
don't stay hiding in your own little bubble, you are an amazing human being and you shouldn't be scared of everything. make friends and find happiness, for me if your not gonna do it for yourself
Kathleen Nov 2016
If soldiers ride under the flag of someone else's dawn
what choice do we have but to march right on?
So he says, "Just like god I never meant to be,
and just like time you'll never know the end of me"

"Your answers lay in the middle of an enclosed glen
I wonder if you dared to step right in"
He says, "Just like god I never meant to be,
and just like time you'll never know the end of me"
Georgia Grace Oct 2016
Nervous for my future.
The year is at it's end.
Those I know are leaving,
I'll loose some of my friends
Exams a here now,
Prepared I am not
What worries me the most,
Is that I might be forgot.
To do this all over ,
it is more then i can bare.
But i have to do it,
" If i want to get anywhere".
My anxiety weighs me down,
To the point I get up.
Next year will be better.
I;ll finally find my spot
My struggle of finally getting help this year to battle my mental problem, have made me have to do a second year of year 12. which is scary but necessary, hopeful that next year will be better. Wrote this quit because i have work tonight and English exams in 4 days.
Some people cast a renewal on themselves
And i ponder almost annoyingly if Witches really do exist
I guess they do when people only have one thing on their mind all the time
Such an empty shell and i don't even want to go inside it
Even if you paid me
She only cares about her looks and wants nothing to do with any man unless he's loaded
He only cares about getting in her pants and off to the next one
They act like they're the best thing to happen since we first walked into Mesopotamia
I just can't stomach any of it
Admit the fact you're going to be just like everyone else when you're dead
Sorry, am i putting truth inside your head?
This is a vitamin that doesn't taste good
Gladly sponsored by me
Where are the human beings?
Oskar Erikson May 2016
If i could,
rewind time i would.
Not to change, or mess,
**** or bless
but to relive. Again.

The same mistakes and goals,
patch up the same holes,
live the bitter nights and
love the little fights.
To live. Once more.

There's one small issue.
Time travel's standard issue,
it's my heart will find you again.
When time's rewound and love's
refound, all good things must come
to an end.

Maybe one day, when i'm old and gray
you'll visit me.
to relive MY love
one final time.
Then once again. And again. And again.
Till no longer.
Time travelling hopeless romantic
LoveLy Mar 2016
Nothing has changed.
I still feel drained.
I am still the heartbroken girl I was months ago.
You really would think I would know.
But I fall time and time again.
Thinking that maybe this time they'll actually want to be my friend.
But it's always a lie.
Or the love always will die.

Because who could love a girl like me. and everyone loves a boy like him. and there always be a him that I will fall in love with things will never be alright the broken hearted girl.
AM Mar 2016
just like Groundhog Day
he's repeating the same warning;
the reasons of our undoing,
a parachute to keep us from falling
Dark Musings Mar 2015
I’m repeating history and drowning in the replay,
This constant storm I call home.
I’m regretting my truth and the lies I've made mine,
A clap of thunder for every false word and a flash of lightning for every forced smile.
I've gone deaf and blind to this world.
But I won’t scream from the pain eating me alive.
Pain that begins as an aching in my bones,
A chill that seeps through my skin,
A hollow aching in my chest.
Oh, but how it aches.
Aches until it suffocates.
Suffocates and smothers, until I’m left gasping for relief.
But I won’t scream from the pain leaving me in pieces.
Because there is no use pleading for help.
Because in my travels I have come to learn:
No one can pick up the pieces.
When no one can see those pieces.
And no love is enough to put me back together.
No matter where you go, your pain will follow.
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