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That flaming evening,
their lives were at stake,
Humanity was at stake.
ended up in a,
brutally tortured and tormented.
They were bared, forced, left for dead.
They cried, pleaded, screamed.
Yet not a flicker of emotion sustains.
We protest, sob, mourn.
We hum, sing, shout slogans.
But cannot feel the pain and agony,
they had been through.
Every mark made on them,
on their body, on their soul
are reasons to ponder on.
You not only ****** out of hunger,
You peel their imaginations like a shell,
decays their soul, emotions,
ruins their dignity, gravity, life.
Those scars can never be healed.
I feel abashed for being a Human.
I feel sorry as being a noble Native.
As I can’t make the grade to bring
a change towards Humanity.
I plea, I bid...
Stop such sinful infamous act.
Your mother, your father, your family
can also be a victim.
Our call for justice should not be disdain.
Heat and fortitude of the rouse mob
has to mould into consequent actions.
Condolences to all those victims
who have fought their battles for life.
Muddled yet accountable.
Sober yet lively.
Impassive yet doting.
Mixed bag of traits
define him.
Bowlful of big hearted fondness
he carries to embrace all.
Conviviality and amiability
are his favourite words.
Pile of rendezvous,
easy reach outlook,
entangles him in a maze.
Still an apple of everyone's eye and
quite a loved soul.
Being you and always there,
with joy I proclaim,
cuddling happiness and ease.
Best of our camaraderie,
brimming with our fond memoirs
is yet to be savoured.
Attachment and affection remains,
Love, regard grows each day, to remain forever.
Blessed to have you brother, friend!!
Arindam Barooah Dec 2020
Let the empty hands
embrace humanness and composure.  
Let the ebullient heart
thumbs belief & conviction.
The year enlighten lessons
of effacing unpleasantness and woes,
settling between bad & good.
Treasure the memories we came across
and be ready with wondrous love.  
Thank You 2020 for being the ebb & flow of life.
Arindam Barooah Dec 2020
uneasiness encore
tearing at the seams
all over me.

presence scruples
as your absence haunts
in the reality.

desire ignites
longing burns
bringing out passions deep within.

I feel
I strive to feel your
an undone trail you left
lingering every nook and corner.

the heart lies awake
flurry of excitements await
to quench the thirst of lustful longing.

you come to sew up
the undone you left
to enslave with your charms
to take my breath away.
Arindam Barooah Dec 2020
I unfurls to sail,
stretching my arms out.
Gust of ecstatic emotion surges,
silent agony fall to pieces,
torn & tattered.
I seek floating away,
unlatching imprisoned soul,
fleeing deep dark abyss.
Pity and regrettably,
I don't feel free.
I am wingless.
Silent, constrained, caged
trapped for life.
Arindam Barooah Oct 2020
I drape around
tenderness in graceful,
emotions painted
clear as
black and white,
holding the soul
all I can try and
proffering the same feeling
the way
I must have felt,
the purest and the most beautiful.
But do I get that feel
of the heart??
Must have seen and heard
Never have felt.
Arindam Barooah Sep 2020
Fingers loosely interlaced,
caressing the flesh
cuddling the palms
brimming with pristine emotions.
I feel subtle touches
tender, warm, responsive.
Certainty intertwined
commitment gently placed
a promise of keeping knitted.
Something runs deep through the veins
affectionate racing pulses.
With hands clenched
and walking side by side
we vow a journey of acceptance
forever and for always.
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