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Gigi Jun 11
Feathers flown about
Dark Ravens claw their way out
Above the surface past the overbrush
Wretched, drenched, lash
Out to the epitome of darkness
The King, their Lord it is what they harness
Where the light cannot touch
Wriggling, squirming dying to clutch
Time, tied firmly to roots of their own demise
They seek solitude through a long, blistering ride
One too many flew the coop, itching to touch the sky
But home is too far away in a time not solidified
Feathers flow about in search for something new
Ravens lost in mist searching for what was never true
I get lost in my imagination sometimes thinking it's better, then I realize it's the root of all my depression....
Thomas Mar 2018
Your soul it merges into me
The air we breath as one
In hopes we live in infamy
A future brighter than the sun

What was up is down
Clouded mind spirals away
Grasping at sanity as if it were a sound
Hoping to clutch but a word
When there's nothing left to say

How can there be so much pain
From feeling nothing at all
What once we placed upon pedestal
Now passes judgment becoming petty and small

You vowed to be eternal
So I succumb without a fear
How'd forever come so quickly?
You stand stoic, shedding not a tear

My soul had become mine again
What was cloudy is now clear
The vale of treachery has lifted
The healing had begun
Now that your finished,
I've been reborn
My future is brighter than the sun
Lyteweaver Apr 2016
I bathe in my own tears
The blood of my soul drenches my skin
Brings me back to life

A Phoenix
rising from her ashes
set ablaze from spontaneous combustion
The explosion floods regrets
and feeds an unseen cusp

— The End —