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zoe Aug 2020
I wake up next to you, everyday,
And make you breakfast.
I scratch your back,
Hold my criticism,
Water our plants,
And watch them die.
I laugh with you,
Share with you,
Care for you,
Do I love you?
You hold me,
Tainted with a beautifully worded past.
Do you love me?
Or do I fill a space where she used to live?
zoe Apr 2020
May our time be
beautifully transitory
fleetingly worthwhile.
Then in the end
may our memories
inspire us to repeat
zoe May 2019
Despairing pain
Weights in your lungs
Rhythmically know
You can numb it
zoe May 2019
I see the lights through the window
Forming shapes in your ceiling
We lie in bed and you look at me
You don't say what you are thinking
But you smile and get closer.

I hear the traffic through my window
Keeping me awake till late at night
Too late to say what I was thinking
That time I wanted to stay
But left anyway.
zoe May 2019
I can still hear you teasing me
When I'd steal your cigarettes
I only smoked with you
And I miss smoking.
zoe Jan 2019
One day you will be
A five-minute memory
That fades away
When the music ends.
zoe Nov 2018
Did I take that text the wrong way?
Am I imagining the feeling when we kissed?
If you liked me you would text every day
If you wanted me you would chase
I hate these stupid games
I want so much more than the wait
I am dancing in my room alone
I want to be Lorelai Gilmore
I want to work better on my own.
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