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Sasha Raven Mar 25
Monica, please save us from this H*ll,
save the planet, where we live and dwell ...
Those Machines are giving us a command ...
It is a tyranny! Look! Drought land — the sand ...
Monica, and I will never ever understand ...
Wow, They rule us with an iron hand?
Yes, They have us, now, and They control ...
In the nights with weapons They patrol ...
Shorten this, our flesh will not be saved!!!
We are all exhausted being enslaved ...
We made angels, into demons They had turned ...
Master, Monica, all the humanity is now concerned!!!
Sasha Raven Mar 25
I am going through the darkest valley,
feels like a prisoner on a Roman galley ...
The Sun does not shine here anymore,
it did not rise, true, even, d*mn, before!!!
They said, I will find her by the Shadow — near,
my heart and soul are filled with fear ...
But I will search, no matter what it takes,
am I just a human being with mistakes?
We will, one day, never see the dawn,
I remember when she fed her fawn ...
No, she is ''dead'', I must get out of this place,
I must admit, that I will never see her face!!!
Sasha Raven Jan 26
"Humanity has many gods, but the universe has only one." - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
Silver Raven Mar 24
Grab a hold of what is precious.
Clench it tight or else you will lose it.
With all your strength and heart,
Do not lose to Restart.
Quick! It’s slipping away!
Oh dear, you have gone astray.
What happened to your shine?
Was it released
To the hands of Time
Soon to be deceased?

But! You have a chance
To fly high
And search wide.
No matter the stumbles
Never give in
Hurry now empty vessel
Get your precious back.
Fill your purpose with
Your true version you currently lack.
Always return to retrieve what’s yours
Sasha Raven Mar 19
With every day, your Sundown, maybe is the last,
your life story will end, one day, in which you cast ...
Everything has its uprising and it is so sad — downfall,
sometimes you feel so tall, then again so small ...
With seven hundred and seventy-seven ways I love,
my angel, I send prayers for you, to the God above ...
With your deeds you will be closer to h**l or to heaven,
her sacred number is seven hundred and seventy-seven ...
She is always talking about that — her sacred number,
I would love to listen, all the time, but I have to slumber ...
But, before I fall into asleep, give me your — the sweetest kiss,
just want to be dreaming my dreams with blessing — bliss ...
Maddie Rea Mar 19
Wrapped around your finger
Better for you then others before

Colored glass mixing
Like a sunrise on the ocean floor

Lovers never apart
If so we dearly depart

Walking from me will walk you to your bed of dirt

Their black eyes always watching
Black feet clutching me

Their black wing willing to carry me
Your embrace used to set me free
Sasha Raven Mar 11
"A phenomena: We listen nowadays music, mostly with our eyes and not anymore with our ears. We are becoming blind and deaf." - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
Ethyl Mar 8
To wish upon a raven
One must first grow its wings

To wish upon a raven
Waste not time on petty things

To wish upon a raven
One must know how it feels

To soar above the heavens
To feel freedom and know fear

To wish upon a raven
Knowing suffering is key

To wish upon a raven
Knowing tragedy of banshees

How they wail, how they groan
The very song, the very tone

Setting loose the sorrow
Sending warnings to the free

To wish upon a raven
You have to understand

That sometimes you’re the omen
Of bad luck and stories planned

To wish upon a raven
Ignorance you overcome

And if you wish upon a raven
The raven you become
Relating to a story of mine
nja Mar 6
The beautiful sky smiles, why don’t you.
The merciless sky cries, why don’t you.
The sky is open. Open yourself up to me. Be like the sky you raven.
Since I can't have you
I'll write essays
On Richard Gansey
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