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Susana 3d
I know
My fences are hard to break
And that it often seems fake
Yet you try
To dig out
What was buried such a long time ago
Must admit
It’s all covered in dirt
May even stink a little
Can you hold on?
As i do not got none
But love
Oh deep love for you
Susana 3d
right here
where you are
so close to me
questions, questions
those you keep asking
let it be
a surprise
a beautiful one indeed
Not dive so deep into the sea
as the night is still
so, so young
Susana 5d
I want you here
Beside me
To make me feel like the only pearl
You’d be looking for in the ocean
To fill me up With hope
Like you’d fill up your mug with coffee after a tough night out
To gaze into my eyes
Like an abandoned puppy gazes at their saviour
I want you to spoil this movie for me
And tell me it has a happily ever after .
Susana 5d
Little rain drops
racing on the window
I would watch them as a child
trying to guess which lucky ******* will win the race
funny thing
I always focused on those two specific drops
as if there weren’t millions of them trying to reach the finish line
we’re no different from them
we’re just bigger
and worse
Susana 6d
You are the home
from which the love I crave
We’re running out of time
And I’m still flying
A little too close to the sun
That little balloon beneath my chest
constantly filling up with air
As I float
Be careful
or It will soon explode
And it may never even land home
Susana May 16
I don’t want to get down
I want to get high
To stay high
To fly high
Out of it
Susana May 16
On the verge of
What is there to see
A beautiful landscape of the sea
Washing away what we’re made off
Looking back
We drown
We fall
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