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Susana Apr 23
I gave All of my vulnerability away
For you, to you
Exposed the dirt of my soul
Not understood.
Kept on
Waiting for hope,

in despair.
Susana Apr 21
Seated in a car with the windows slightly down
my father was hidden behind a mask, you could hardly see his face
we drove past the bright rapeseed fields
and I smiled as the smell of cows gently carresed my skin
like it always used to, spring evening

Sweet despair was in the air
came as quickly as the sun set down
will fade away when the first rays hit
but far away will still be felt
like it always does, spring evening

Years go by and my mind gets tired
life did look different those 10 years back but my dads voice sounded the same
as today, a warmth of the fireplace
like I used to feel, spring evening

Seems like a good time, to cease it
make it a happy ending, peaceful sky
could never feel this close to being a child, a child again
like I never thought I could, spring evening
Susana Jan 29
I held my breath
for a second, The clouds stoppedrunning as if there was a small hole in time, Just for me to rest my
mind, Just for Me to stop The pulse,
Just for Me to
feel alive

The grass turned greener and
Prettier, so much prettier
Like that lawn where she
lives , with her dog running
around in circles

and when I was holding
my breath, I saw it all
Like it was an ending of a movie
Those exhilarating several minutes Where
You can’t even blink

Yet I did, close my eyes
And when I opened them I saw
The sky , it’s depth and width
With the clouds rushing somewhere again
Susana Dec 2019
It struck me like lightning
Dangerously hard and out of nowhere
As though I felt it in the air
Yet didn't want to realise how
I'm burning inside and out
Yes, you set me on fire
Made my ice cap melt so fast
I'm drowning

How is it possible that
with one stare I'm in flames
and no fire extinguisher shall help me?
And so here I stand
a tree
burning from the inside
out of love from you
Susana Oct 2019
Should you find the most convenient way of breathing
It will not
make you
more alive
Susana Oct 2019
Do you feel your breath,
The oxygen that's being exhaled
Everytime you try to stay alive?

Do you recognize your voice,
the one that’s coming from your own mouth
when words are forming on your tongue?

Do you know that person in your body,
Those muscles that move
When you don’t feel like walking?
Susana Sep 2019
A confetti
Ones may say
Even when the sun is down
She can light up the day

Clear like water
Beautiful like the sky
living in utter
Dreamlike delight

Yet when reality comes
Dark clouds creep in
And weakness in her bones

Wind blows
Confetti goes
And emptiness comes to life

And, somehow
That loved and loving girl
Can love anyone but
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