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Amy Nov 2020
I do not want you to cry

Most of you
Crying at my grave
I don´t even know just yet
At least so I hope

Still, I do not want you to cry

I want to die old
Surrounded by family
Surrounded by friends

Well knowing what I did
With a proud smile
I want to part
From my body
At least for this life

I want you to laugh
To remember

And yes...
If you feel like it
You may cry

Though not forever

Life keeps going on

We have no choice
No say
It´s better that way

I don´t know when
I don´t know how

I just want you to know
No matter who will be there

That I was proud
And happy
I am now
I shall always be
Funny hell, under the spotlights explained,
Painfully cruel, well built,
exposing the gravity of your wrong doing.
When time comes, please, tell me,
do show me how proud you are of yourself!
Hell, funny as it should be for the devil.
She once spoke of the devil being a god,
Doesn’t god mean everything?
Inspiration, sweetest love on earth and beyond,
Isn’t everyone the same here? Lovely
You fight for a right, yours.
Claimed! Right now and forever, claimed
My right to fight and stronger, reach happiness.
Part of my "Natural" collection,  © All rights Reserved Theodora Oniceanu
Hiwaga Nov 2020
You used to date someone who expresses her love for you in
secret love letters,
in far-away stares,
and in closed doors.

You used to settle
for kisses behind curtains,
attachments on empty hallways,
and memories being hidden.

Until you met me
in broad daylight,
in sunny days,
and blue skies.

Until I made you realize that
you are not meant
to be locked
in darkness.

You are meant to be free—
in colours,
in sunshine,
out there.
Jack R Fehlmann Nov 2020
Every way, each day
I am present to see it.
His miracle of being
I the recipient his gift
Awestruck, humbled, blessed
This I understand completely
Though I know not how, or why
I.  This man I still learn to know
As myself, of my self,
Admit having witness his growing
In great measure do I envy him
See his approach at living, being
embodying the kindest soul,
Naturally thoughtful and caring
How he is, has become
A lesson that I do learn from
My little legacy, so far beyond
better than from which he comes
I worry for him as fathers must
But not of him, of life's unexpected
always haunting every person
just out of foretelling, behind any horizon
For this treasure of my life I know
No doubt, to be a person of light
Wits, genuine smiles, listening and learning
His my Son, He is my Hero
I am out done, and yet,
ever the more thankful.
Blessed by You Zieven Lee.
Thank You.  More than you'll ever know.
ghost Nov 2020
a slap from the one who always stood by my side
hurt more than being
stabbed a thousand times
if I could turn back time
I wouldn't disappoint you again
so, please
trust me once more
I promise ill hold onto it
like nothing else
ill love, you like you never felt the pain
when you're old
I'll hold your hand
and when you near the end
I'll be someone you're proud of
so trust me
it takes years to build trust but it takes a moment to break it.
lilac Nov 2020
her body painfully riddled with ink,
all the moments that made her heart sink,
stories and words that intertwined within,
look for the patches of free, untouched skin.

that needle brought hope, a fresh, new beginning,
to a past that had seemed to have no chance at winning,
i smile and i'm proud of her skin being covered,
its her uniform of pride, she made it out, unbothered.

Mohannie Nov 2020

Even if you're struggling now,
I'm still so proud of you.

Even if you can't get up,
I'm still so proud of you.

Even if you did some wrong,
I'm still so proud of you.

Because no matter what,
You're still so strong.

And I'm so so proud of you.

The fact that you're reading this right now proves how strong you are.
Zack Ripley Nov 2020
Yes, we are part of the united States of America.
And yes, it is important to be proud
Of where you live and come from.
But it doesn't matter
how united we are.
We will always be divided some way.
But that's okay.
Because we still work together.
We're still human.
I know you're probably sick of me
Saying that word.
But the fact is, we can't be proud
Of where we live, where we come from.
We can't make social change
Until we're proud to be what we are.
Beautiful, fallible humans.
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