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Birdcaller Jan 3
pour the gold of your heart over mine,
shining rivulets filling up the cracks
left by other burdens
of another time

a trade:
id offer you warmth
and the iron in my blood
to keep you strong through it all
Birdcaller Jan 3
it was with love too
that a heart
sudden heavy
felt as a curse:
to fear & mourn

through the ranks
as a war cry:

and queer
and pure
and he —

who knew
      my pieces
and just
      how they

— spoke:
       “ a heart is indeed a heavy burden -
          but we can surely offer you a hand. “
Birdcaller Aug 2018
i want
to hold your hand
to kiss your face
to tell you you're beautiful

i want
to take you to an art museum
to use cheesy pickup lines
to laugh with you

i want
to get coffee with you
to feel the chill of autumn
to offer you my scarf

i want
to take you out to the desert
to trace the stars in the sky
to trace the stars on your skin
Birdcaller Aug 2018
i came to you
bright eyed and hopeful
looking to a future that you could never see


i leave you now
with my heart more steady
to find the future in myself instead of other people
Birdcaller Jul 2018
head held high --
keep moving forward

the world will keep on spinning
gravity will keep on pulling
but i don't have to let it
render me grounded

i have the power
to let myself find peace
relapses are not my forever.
Birdcaller Jul 2018
happiness is
a living being
a fragile thing
i hold so gently

some days it gets sick
some days it breaks
some days it gets lost

if i don't
to put it back together

i will find them
in the little things
Birdcaller Jun 2018
every now and then
i see glimpses of them
and i can feel my soul
reaching out to

tiny fingers filtering sand
on long-distant shores

my mother's voice
in a tongue i do not speak

the heat on my face
as the sun finally rises

the pain of defeat
washed away by the tide

i long to know them once more
but perhaps one day
ill learn to be at peace
with lives i once lived
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