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Birdcaller Jul 2020
with the universe sprawling above
starlight dances, shimmering, across your body
anointing your skin with the smell of moonlight

to reach out, to touch would be unthinkable -
but your light rings holy and pure
and i find myself on my knees in prayer
o, to be the man who worships
at the temple that is your body
Birdcaller Jul 2020
lavender and honey -
dripping sweetly from a clever tongue;
your words pool against my skin
and i am helpless but to feel them,
each new sound a blessing
as i lose myself to you.
Birdcaller Jul 2020
through daunting nights
and carefree days,
through raging storms
and encroaching haze;

through miles of land
and hours of time,
through the early sun
through the darkened sky;

wherever i may be,
wherever you go,
as long as you love me,
i'll be home.
Birdcaller Jul 2020
would you sit here with me,
     eons apart, beneath the same sky,
and watch the hours tick away,
     with only the dance of stars
to tell us the night is passing?

the warmth in your voice and your heart
     isn't lost with the miles between us,
though the sorrow that laces your words
somehow seems stronger.
could i take your pain for a day?
Birdcaller Jul 2020
my heart pulses to the beat
of the low fire burning in my chest

it's taken months to stoke this flame
and yet still it is little more than heated stones

through rain and wind i fought
               my arms and soul are weary
but the fight won't be taken from me yet
Birdcaller Jan 2020
pour the gold of your heart over mine,
shining rivulets filling up the cracks
left by other burdens
of another time

a trade:
id offer you warmth
and the iron in my blood
to keep you strong through it all
Birdcaller Jan 2020
it was with love too
that a heart
sudden heavy
felt as a curse:
to fear & mourn

through the ranks
as a war cry:

and queer
and pure
and he —

who knew
      my pieces
and just
      how they

— spoke:
       “ a heart is indeed a heavy burden -
          but we can surely offer you a hand. “
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