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storm siren Sep 2017
She paced back and forth,
The three inch block heels of her scuffed black boots
Clacking against the unfinished hardwood floor.

Some would say that she looked distraught.
Others would call it confidence, or "walking with a purpose."

But they never looked at her eyes.

Almond shaped and wide, fluttering and glossing across every detail of the room repeatedly,
Until she had it memorized.
Her usually, sunset-esque, yellowy-oak colored eyes scanned the room. She looked out from beneath thick, long black eyelashes. Her iris's glistened black.

No amber streaks.
No red accents.
No infatuated gold.
No comforting, warm, oak brown.

Her eyes were black.

Like a predator.

Her shoulders tensed and she began to slow her pacing,
Her steps slowly becoming lighter and lighter,
Until they could not be heard
Aside from the soft beat of vibrational frequency through the floorboards.

She finished scanning the room,
Shifting her eyes from every exit or entrance or place to hide and cower,
Taking note of it all.

Her eyes focused, her pacing coming to a sudden and abrupt stop.
Her body became rigid.
Every elegant curve and smooth, soft
Length of utterly feminine and maternal skin she had
Suddenly became very, very sharp.

Her stance was similar to that of a defensive wildcat.
Tail low.
Hackles raised.
Claws unsheathed.
Lips curling ever so subtly
That at any moment her canines could press and sink into her prey's
Soft flesh,
And draw blood.

Her eyes locked on her prey.

All talking in the slightly crowded, dimly lit, room came to a sudden halt.
A cold chill blew through the room.
The hair along the necks of each and every guest stood on end.
Even as humans,
Who are so very proud of not relying on instinct,
Understood what this meant.


She was still, rigid.
You could not see the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed.

There was no noise,
Aside from the faint bassline from the speakers.

Judging by the voice spitting out lyrics,
She guessed the song was either by The Offspring, or maybe Say Anything.

One guest flipped off the speakers.

The buzz of static.
Then the buzz of a moth flying repeatedly into one of the faded lightbulbs.
Then, silence.

They stared at her,
But she did not see them.
Her eyes remained focused,
Trained on her slowly-growing-more-nervous-each-passing-second prey.

There was a low, guttural growl rumbling from her throat.

Her prey looked up.

Their eyes locked.

Before the other girl could make out a single syllable,
She pulled her lips back into a snarl.

"How dare you?"

The prey only blinked in response.

"Who do you think you are?"

The prey furrowed her eyebrows, trying to play dumb.

"Have you ever cared about anyone but yourself?!" She coiled her muscles like a spring. Her body pulled tight together.


"He meant nothing to you." She pounced into the crowd, slamming into her prey. A flurry of black and white.

"And you mean nothing to me."

She sunk her long, pointed teeth and sharp molars into the flesh of her prey's throat.

Vile blood filled her mouth.
Pushing past the urge to gag,
She bit down harder.

She heard a cracking noise.
And then, a snap.

She stood,
Dropping her prey's limp body onto the floor
As she unclenched her jaw and opened her mouth.

The girl dropped, lifeless, to the floor.

The predator opened her mouth,
Feeling the toxic, bitter blood dribble out her mouth and drip from her lips and chin.

The crowd of people were panicked.

They looked like they were screaming.

She could not hear them.

She looked ahead and stared into the mirrors along the wall.

Her hair was black and matted and wild. A mane of knotted kitten fur and hummingbird feathers.
Her eyes were black, dark as midnight. No light reflected in, no emotion shined out. The whites of her eyes were just barely visible.

Her skin was pale, so white it was an almost sickly yellow-grey. She could see the veins beneath her cold, unfeeling complexion.
Her lips were red. With blood. Hers and that of her prey.
Her fingers were longer, mangled into claws.
She stood hunched, ready to attack at any moment.

Her face was twisted and contorted into a snarling look of pain.

She hated when she got like this.
When she lost all her humanity,
In order to serve her righteous cause,
Whatever it maybe at the time.

But there were certain sacrifices you need to make for the people you love.

And if it meant protecting them,
If it meant their happiness,
If it meant their comfort,
She would give it all.

Her whole heart.

Her whole soul.
Ron Philip Jan 2013
A predator studies his prey prior to attack...
while the prey lacks the ability to even fight back.

The weaknesses of the prey are easy to see.
Sometimes the right questions are all that you need.

Sneak up quietly, use Facebook if you must...
because a face to face attack would probably be a bust.

Care not if she is married with small children in her care.
What matters was lost long ago due to your own mother's "care".

You were able to grab a hold of her heart without care for her life.
This happened in church and that prey was my wife.

The fact that you have a job that pays minimum wage should have been a sign.
But you had blinded your prey and anyways Starbucks "is only for a short time".

I don't know what she was thinking...she said you were fat and probably gay.
You could definitely play Santa Claus but the facts told me your way.

The predator you are has killed a marriage.  I hope you are happy.
I must move on for the wife I knew is now dead and hope for better in what lies ahead.
Laura Jane Apr 2015
PRD: What did you think of the dinner?
PREY: I really don’t know how to answer that
PRD: Did you get new glasses?
PREY: I keep having this dream where I go to touch you and your whole body falls apart right in front of me. I'm screaming and screaming but then you somehow turn into a lake. I swim in it for ages and I wake up crying because even though it was a dream there is no way to make the feeling un-real

shuffling is heard. A drawer opens and closes

PREY: What are you going to do with that?
PRD: I’m going to shut you up
PREY: please please do
Dani  Jan 2019
Dani Jan 2019
A land only nature has touched
A lion to its prey, clutched
Before that though
The Lion crept up real slow
Crouched down real low
He puts on a good show
Creeping and crawling
Absolutely stalking
His ***** orange coloring
Unseen by a prey so alluring
His big tufted paws are like a quiet breeze
Unheard by a prey totally at ease
His eyes focus, like a morning lotus
Finding the sun with such slowness
Silently stalking towards prey, not yet ferocious
A gleaming meaty meal ready to devour
Just another moment and little prey will cower
First a pounce with claws drawn out
Then a bite and a shake, making the prey shout
Now a *****!
Chewing prey up before its deceased
Drug across the land only nature has touched
A lion has won it’s hunt, quiet now, be hushed
Can you hear nature sing, the way she does
With violence and beauty no matter if lion or cheetahs
Now humans are different! Or is it really so?
The desire the same as a beasts hunt, reaping what we sow
A need to ***** and overpower
A craving to devour
devouring our lust driven, instinctual driven desires...
LJ  May 2016
The Eagle and I
LJ May 2016
An eagle the bird of prey
Clawed at the ground
taking me back to the river
where the tide stroked  

An eagle the bird of prey
A ghost of lost faces
showing me the essence
where the love started

An eagle the bird of prey
A weaver of the world
spinning me on the orbit
where the whispers tickled

An eagle the bird of prey
A slur of the speech
talking to me in tongues
where time is out of hand

An eagle the bird of prey
The darkness that stones
showing me the gloom
where aloofness is an ally

An eagle the bird of prey
A companion of my soul
following me when I fall
Inside the pearl of a teardrop

An eagle the bird of prey
A draft of echoey words
writing with me as I type
the muse of fruity letters
Mara W Kayh May 2017
I am your bird of prey

Caught between 2 posts
And a glistening fence.

Neck broken,
beak to the ground,
Half way trapped inside
your field of green.

I am your bird of prey,

Wings on a wire,
Still soft and light,
with feathers gleaming
where promise of flight,
newly broken, fell to earth.

'Twas passion that lured me to your
nest, where the cloud kissed Sun
with time
turned ashen my listless frame.

A testament to nature's seduction,
there was no escaping
your embrace
As the warmth
slowly left
my still
Inspired by a beautiful Robin I found yesterday, stuck in a fence I had put up around a field of garlic.. it must have fluttered to death, trying to escape.
Zack Phillips  Mar 2013
The Fight
Zack Phillips Mar 2013
The smell of flesh lingers freshly on my wet snout
italic Don't **** me....please....God...please
I stare at this creature, curious at it's noises and mannerisms
italic Oh God.......God.....
I sink my teeth back into its leg
italic AHHHH
Its screams take me aback. No prey, you are my dinner
I step back as the creature uses it's fore legs to pull itself inches
italic no..........No...........NO!
Its sound becomes as strong as its scent, piercing my ears
italic N-n-not today wolf.......n-not today God
It reaches a shiny object that hurt me. I do not like what my prey is doing
I am troubled by the noise my prey is making. The others did not put up a fight
italic COME ON!
I leap onto my prey, expecting my mouth to be filled with warm blood
italic I GOT YOU, YOU *******!
There is a pain in my stomach. I am thrown off by my prey. This is not as it should be
The yelping noise of my prey is drowned out by my own cries of pain.
I pull away from my prey, and see my own blood saturating the ground
italic Ugh.....ugh....
My world is swirling around me. I fall down, and blackness envelops my vision.
Hopefully the italics worked..Also, tagged as explicit, purely because of the blood and word *******. Not here to offend anyone.
MaryJane Doe Oct 2014
I pray
for lonely women
this Sunday
in the dark corners
of dive bars
too soon
they flock
to the watering holes
sad tunes
then slink
to the shady corners
of an underlit room
so I prey
for these


on this Sunday
after noon 0;)
Janette  Sep 2012
Janette Sep 2012
My animal awakens to dawns emergence
A languid stretch of sultry sleek limbs
As daybreak's ***** air delivers your delicious essence
Senses honed sharp to tease the beasts primitive chant

Through shafts of dusty light I gaze upon your lithe form
Morning glow whispers across male sinew
I smirk at how unaware you seem of my intent
As my wildness of greed growls impatient

My prey, I fear losing control with my desire for you
Reining in animal instincts scattering on a breeze
I stalk your sleepy, carefree movement
Footfalls soundless in the dawn

Voracious hunger claws at my belly
To feast upon your wholeness is needed like air
To glory in your taste of salty  spice
My possession of you is not in question

Your strength is no match for my female stealth
As I choose to alert you to my presence
Run from me prey, just a few precious moments
Run, so I may relish this chase

My tasty morsel, your fearlessness puzzles me
The primal pumping of your pulse, your only tell
It's tribal cadence draws me still closer
I will have you beneath me on this misty morn
You'll know nothing of my bittersweet turmoil
The aching inferno ablaze in my *****
As your power over me lies in concealment
I am the mistress that controls your destiny

With regal grace I swiftly pounce
Pinning you to the cool earth
I nuzzle the masculine valleys before me
Pleased with the feast you present
Feral heat erupts as I scent the need you deny
Glands under my tongue weep yearning
Salivate for the ambrosia of your making
In ecstasy I'll feed to devour my craving

Dragging tongue along incisors edge
I revel one last moment in your heaving breaths
As passions bite pierces your throats hollow
My soul claims it's sensual prize

Submit to your goddess, my courageous warrior
Surrender your pride to my keeping
I possess you now, my beautiful prey
You belong to me...
Nutshell Sep 2017
Have you ever seen a bird of prey
Flying high above the sky so blue
Even this heat that enduring the day
Waiting to meet the bird of prey

Up above little they known
With no problem nor struggle as they flown
Dancing like naked indians as i lay
As i wait for the bird of prey

Minutes gone by and he land beside me
Helping me with my suffering
Thinking it as a God wanting to feed me
Save me bird of prey save me

The bird move closer
As my vision gone blunder
Pain shook my skin and water surrounds my body
Oh thank you for being death bird of prey
J  Nov 2019
The Wolf and The Prey
J Nov 2019
The wolf howls as the moon appears
The wind shrieks, light disappears
The alpha is hunting, craving a taste
Of the lips of a prey, whatever it takes

He hunts and hunts, but to no avail
He takes solace in drinks from the pail,
He needs to feed this hunger inside
He’ll do what it takes, no matter the price

Spotting a prey, he waits to pounce
The prey is alone, the wolf has no doubt
Her friends are all gone, she’s fully exposed  
The moment has come, he rips off her clothes

Helpless and ashamed, the prey cannot react
Yet her screams can be heard, these wolves hunt in packs
This has happened before and it will happen again
Another innocent prey wearing the wrong dress

The wolf could be a man who spent last night alone
The wolf could be a friend dressed in sheep’s clothes
The prey must be careful, can only trust few
The prey could be anyone, pray it’s not me or you

— The End —