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Poetic T Oct 2014
We are but chromosomes
Away from
Knuckles upon the floor
Bodies, hair upon all
Of us, we are only smarter
By fluke
**** erectus
"Are we the next to fall"
Machines with thoughts
Able to move think for them selfs
Thought, realization that the
Creator is below the creation,
"Are we the masters of our own downfall"
We have reached the time
When one must progress
And the other becomes
A museum Piece attached to a wall,
"Here is a Copy of **** sapiens"
"Last breading pairs in the"
"Humanity Zoo"
There used to be billions
But know there are fewer
Than a hundred, a gene pool
Nearly extinct,
But cross breading is
A worthy course mixing
And so the time has come to pass,
That those that were on top
Are now the last on the bottom of
"The food chain"
There time came then passed..
Lauren Cole Sep 2014
Claws retract,
Prey is trapped,
Between death and pain,
Pinned and hanged.

Sauntering and sassy,
Tearing the flesh with it’s teeth,
Not very classy,
But the hum of the fur,
Attracts another,
A growling mutt comes,
A feast has begun,
No one has won.

— The End —