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Johnny walker Oct 20
When I was a young man
I had but one wish that of to find tme the girl of my dreams no afairs or one night stands but a real relationship
Through child abuse I suffered at the hands of my mother this left alone In the world lack of confidence unable to form any kind of
Then along came my Angel Helen the only girl ever to give me a chance
the only girl ever to love me where others not even a clance
We fell In love married she gifted me a son but Helen was very ill when I first met her for Helen had been cheated on by her first husband
she had loved himbut he did'nt love
She was left with mental health Issues but when she was carrying our son Helen almost became well again but then her health started a downward
Ten years Into our marriage Helen devloped chronic back pain breathing problems unable to walk I became her full time carer 24/7 I was happy to do that for her because I loved
Slowly over the years her Independence was eaten away till she was totaly dependent on my help which I was more than  happy to give for I loved her she had given me a life I had never
Then she came to the point
In her life when there was no cure for the dreadful pain she suffered  Helen had no quality of life finaly after twenty years I lost her to
Ro lose the love of your life tou cannot put Into words to
describe how that feels to lose hhe one you love
Enigmatic Oct 20
In the boudoir of satan's play pen
Chain-smoking her pretty lies
You learn the art
In your veins
In your heart
You can not refrain, dancing with sins
Touching her slowly
Oh the pain, you can not contain
Out of reach, you weep
This is your defeat
Angela Rose Oct 20
I wanted you to like me so ******* badly
So I dressed up all pretty and I did my makeup way too dramatically
I just wanted you to just notice me
I wanted to make sure you s a w me

And then you did

Only sort of
You saw me as pretty, you saw me as attractive, as ******

But you never noticed me losing control
You never noticed me getting high and pretending everything was ok
You didn't see how I would take 6 shots of ***** back to back just to get through the night
You didn't notice as I would black out and pretend everything was alright
I was not happy
I was numb

But hey, at least you thought I was pretty.
Euphorie Oct 19
What is so beautiful about me?
Are you attracted to my mind,
Or the thing that blows you is my smile,
Is it my eyes that are windows to my soul,
Or is it my case of Jean *** which you troll,
Are my seins more alluring to look at,
Or is it cliché you love that I am confident,
Like a alpha male do you like a hourglass,
courbes are more extensive that my cognizance,
When you look at the marks in my face,
Does it feel like she is a Empress?
hannah b Oct 19
how far would you let me go? how
deeply would you let me delve?

you might be tempted but
you don’t know
the thoughts i have
about you and the tip of
my very sharpest knife

and how pretty you
would look in red

how flush my
would make your cheeks and
your veins and
your heart

the woe that is sleek inside the
softer parts of my skill
and the gorgeous, most sacred
metallic inner parts of you

you are bleeding on
porcelain statues of gods
and somehow that
seems nothing
short of completely appropriate

zeus and i share a bottle of
wine in your memory
yasmin Oct 7
Wipe away the tears,
raise up your pretty head.

Your body is perfect,
it's the world that's gone mad.

Only one thing matters,
and that's stored somewhere safe.

Baby girl you've got a good one,
yours beats the sweetest bliss.
Euphorie Oct 6
She is so pretty that it hurts,
the way she smiles and her fossettes,
will be the cause of my décès,
her hair hanging on her epaule,
are my favori like a rainfall,
her blue eyes with a haze ring,
confuse me for a second,
her breath on my chest,
Her hands in my hands.
Every time she passes my eyes
It's aches more than hundred times,
I want to die for her,
be the last to embrace her,
she is so pretty that it hurts!
women are more than being
pretty or a lady
more than your sidekick
more than the push behind your back
more than making sure your food is ready
more than the person to hear about your day without asking her how she's doing
women have a mind of their own
women have dreams
women have things to achieve
women are soft
yet inside they are tough as ****
they would save your lives without thinking twice
women are your mothers
your sisters
your daughters
your wives
your ***** calls

women are humans too
and they're worth so much more.
His voice was like velvet
Lyrics soaked in pain
His hair was so fluffy
Like he'd walked through rain

The gentle movements
And expressive chords
Rippled out through the audience
Couldn't not applaud
6 years old,
wearing a beautiful pink dress,
with a cute ponytail hair,
a teddy bear on her right,
looking into the mirror, a bit struggling to speak fluently,
"mirror mirror, am i pretty yet?"

10 years old,
wearing a white shirt with her favorite cartoon character on it,
with a bandana on her head,
a sunflower on her right,
laughing while showing her teeth,
looking into the mirror, now she's smiling,
"mirror mirror, am i pretty yet?"

16 years old,
wearing a plain black shirt,
with her black headphone on her head,
cigarette on her right,
trying to remove dark circles below her eyes,
looking into the mirror, blankly,
"mirror mirror, am i pretty yet?"

18 years old,
wearing a sleeveless shirt,
her black and short hair is a mess,
a razor blade on her right,
blood dripping from her left arm,
looking into the mirror, crying while holding her scream,
"mirror mirror, am i pretty yet?"
"hey, everything will be okay in no time, just hold on, okay?"
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