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Matt Bernstein May 2019
It is quiet in the halls.
All the merriment has died.
Paper lines the floors,
all the elves have gone to hide.

Tonight we will sleep in,
for there is no more surprise.
No cookies are left out,
just happy smiles on Christmas night
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Tinsel, bows, lights, and gifts,
this is a part, of what Christmas is;
Carolers, shopping, and bright Candy Canes,
T'was never the reason, our Lord Jesus came.
A tree, wrapping paper, and green Mistletoe,
Christmas cartoons, that they always show;
A feast, baking cookies, and stockings to fill,
does not acknowledge, that Jesus is real.
Santa Clause, Elves, and plenty of cheer,
counting the days, 'til Christmas draws near;
Bells ringing, mittens, and flying Reindeer,
does not signify, that Jesus was here.
What is the reason, for this Holiday,
when families gather, to all celebrate;
They'll open their presents, on this Christmas Morn,
not giving a thought, to why Jesus was born.
Yet on this glorious time of the year,
please don't forget why Jesus was here;
He came to live, and be Sacrificed,
He did this all, for all of Mankind!
Brian Yule Mar 2019
A handsome gift
Not on the wedding list
Elegantly packaged
Glass figurine
Bride & groom
Entwined in first dance
Wrapped up in each other
On the box's base
Clear but concealed
Repeated exposure to heat & cold
Can expose invisible cracks
HTR Stevens Jan 2019
Under the Christmas tree
Are toys for you and me:
First we have our personal phones;
Now, we can each have our own drones…
They fly high – they fly low –
Hovering to and fro.
Like eerie will-o’-the-wisp they fly…
Appearing like dust specks in the sky…
They fly high…they fly low…
We can’t see where they go…
Suddenly here! Silently there!
Like ghosts, they show up everywhere!
Like aliens, out of a nightmare –
Disappearing, ev’n as we stare…
Under the Christmas tree
Are drones for you and me…
Poetress2 Dec 2018
Christmas would come in the morning,
and Santa was on his way;
Yet there was no tree for a nine year old,
to cheerfully decorate.
Dressed warmly in tattered, old rags,
into her backyard she strayed;
Determined to find a Christmas Tree,
to bring home and proudly display.
Upon her bended knees she searched,
until she finally found;
A tree that looked as lonely as her,
so she pulled it from the ground.
She placed it in her living room,
used twine to hold it in place;
Then she found the few decorations,
that she had managed to save.
When the last ornament was hung,
she plugged in a strand of lights;
And how that lonely tree she found,
became a most beautiful sight.
"Now Santa will have a place,
to put our Christmas gifts;"
She smiled as she thought to herself,
"I hope all our presents will fit."
She took her mother by the hand,
to show her what she had done;
Her mother smiled, as she said,
"This is truly beautiful, hon."
"I'm glad you like it mommy,
now we're ready when Santa arrives;
I wanted to put a Christmas Tree up,
and I knew you would be surprised."
"Now listen to me Sweetpea,
you know how poor we are;
I have no money to buy you gifts,
though I love you with all my heart.
The child looked at her mother,
and saw the tears in her eyes;
"We will still get lots of presents,
'cause Santa Clause never lies."
When Christmas morning arrived,
the child sprung from her bed;
She woke her mother up and said,
"Let's see what Santa Clause left!"
Beneath their beautiful, Christmas Tree,
there were presents piled everywhere;
Her mother stared in disbelief,
at the gifts stacked here and there.
Then they both heard the sound of a knock,
upon their living room door;
On the porch were sacks of food,
how could anyone ask for much more?
They sat down later that evening,
and enjoyed their huge, Christmas meal;
They both gave thanks to the Lord,
and could feel that Christmas was real!
Randy Johnson Dec 2018
I gave my daughter $10,000 for Christmas and she gave me a hammer and a box of nails.
I tried to raise her properly but obviously I failed.
I give her $10,000 every year and she gives me a piece of crap.
It takes all of my will power to stop myself from giving her a slap.

Last year, the ungrateful witch gave me a plunger.
Now I'm broke and about to die because of hunger.
I'm not a rich man but when it comes to the ten grand, she expects to receive it.
When it comes to the lousy gifts she gives, it's probably hard for you to believe it.

One year she gave me a turkey baster and another year, she gave me a broken rod and reel.
If she wasn't my only daughter, I would hire a hitman to ****.
She demands $10,000 every year even though it's so steep.
She never buys me a good present because she's too cheap.
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