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Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook,
Your superglue stitches and peroxide mismanagement
Will cost you more than a doctor's visit.
Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook
If you want to keep your limb.
I've found more competence on the "interweb."
Stop asking for medical advice on Facebook.
An oxygen embolism and cellulitis will
Have you putting out more than the Urgent Care.
Please, stop asking for medical advice on Facebook!
The EMT student who is constantly preventing disaster
For people with minor injuries who think 50's era first aid advice
Is a suitable alternative.
I cried into the darkness,
Tears dripping on notebook paper,
My reasoning scribbled between calculus,
Roommate snoozing as the clock blinked 1:00.
I pulled myself wearily into bed,
Empty Gatorade and pill bottles littered the floor.
I had not realized
Until after I swallowed
I didn't want to die
If something dramatic should happen to me
And by ill chance my time is now through
How would anyone here at Hello Poetry
Be informed; They would not have a clue

No delusions of grandeur or somehow believe
It would matter to more than a few
But I know that for me there are many I read
And look forward to anything new

If I checked and I see nothing new on their feed
Would be curious what happened to
Know that they hopefully are okay; Possibly
Just got busy like most of us do

Understand, doesn't change in the slightest degree
Could not help in some way; I'm no fool
But don't like to be left in a dark mystery
Take a test but results kept from you

Throughout life there are things in and out we will weave
Separate paths, we walk in our own shoes
Some are mandated, others though we choose to seek
Course was set when the winds of change blew

So no judgments are passed if to write poetry
No more time or you feel you outgrew
Only ask if you could, a small note when you leave
People here maybe care about you

May seem weird in some way or just hard to believe
Someone you never met; Barely knew
You have touched them somehow deep emotionally
Planted seeds are developing roots

There are people who care because they're human beings
And love for each other just proves
They have souls full of goodness and deep empathy
Treat each other how we're supposed to

It together creates a strong society
That's a caring and closely knit group
In this place we express and are totally free
Without fear or the pained ridicule

So sincerest of 'thanks' I deliver to thee
Can't express my complete gratitude
Evey bit of your kindness and commentary
A bright light from your heart shining through

All of you are so special and fully unique
Every message is honest and true
Reaching into your souls; Tear it off as you speak
Is commendably full of virtue

Do not let your voice silence but if you do leave
And decide that you must say 'adieu'
I cherished our time; Whether was long or brief
It was special 'cause shared it with you
Written: February 6, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter/Trimeter format]
crybaby911 Sep 2015
Please don't call me beautiful
When I am marked by beastly scars
When I have accepted the true aspect of what's real
Until you have seen the true magnitude of my chaos that expresses true horror

Please don't teach me that I'm worth it
When I have finally gave up on myself
When I know that I'm a mishap that doesn't fit
Until you have seen my perspective of this world-death

Please don't feed me lies that I'm kind-hearted
When I punish myself for being who I am
When I can't find a reason why I started
Because I'm am swiped as an awful scam

Please don't spit in my face that I'm authentic
When I know my smiles are fake
When my face is stained and I just say I'm sick
And I'm the only thing I hate

And please don't stuff that word acceptable into me
When I know I'm a misfit for being a non-conformist
And I know I can't run free
When I'm under society's rule of dictatorship

But if you see my scars
The emptiness of emotions in my eyes
Please know I'm voyaging in a war
And when I have lost, note my last *sigh
alena Aug 2015
I find it ironic how
We get warnings for how to deal with hurricanes weeks in advance
But you...
No one tells me how to deal with you
You crashed into me
Brought out things in me
That I didnt remember I had
And showed me things I didnt even know about myself
But instead of leaving me like a shell
Like hurricanes do
To homes, towns, entire cities
You left me with wind in my heart
Thunderstorms in my soul

The rain you left behind in your wake wont stop
The wind hitting the walls of my heart whenever i think of you
But youve moved into a different country
Even so You'll be my storm rescue soon enough
how did i get here- odesza
you are why storms are named after people
Charlie Hazels May 2014
Before it happened I was excited.
It was daring.
I could impress you like you impressed me.
Show you I was caring.

Before it happened I knew it wasn't going to work.
It was a nightmare.
We sat on the red plastic seats like at school.
People around us glanced and began to stare.

As it happened I only took six steps.
And then we were seen.
We went through the grey door, the evidence.
On the computer screen.

As it happened I told you I loved you.
You had noticed.
You hugged me with a tear in your eye
At that moment we felt the closest.

After it happened we walked out togeher, your arm around me.
Mine around your waist.
You claimed it was only you to blame as we were there.
Being encased.

After it happened you joked about always wanting to be here.
Just not on this side.
I hugged you tight and didn't want to let go.
And I cried inside.

Now its over I feel so ashamed.
I could've said no.
You would have thought no less of me.
Had i done so.

Now its over I lie here in my bed worrying that you'll look for.
The razors I hid.
Please don't. Talk to me and let me help you get through.
What we did.
My friend/love did something really stupid, but it gave me the courage to tell her how i feel about her. The response was positive- even in the midst of the consequences.

— The End —