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alena Jul 2018
I somehow
Find myself standing still
In the midst of waiting and... being

Adventure is nothing without you
And nothing is an adventure without you
alena Dec 2017
Tides rise in my chest with every breath
While I savor the look of you
Your lips breathing lightly
Rustling the leaves in my chest

So close to mine
But such a large gap to close
Whole decisions away

So hesitant
But incredibly strong
Holding the distance for an eternity
And closing in an instant

A moment I never thought would happen
But that I dreamed a thousand times

You felt like the wind
But yet you knocked it out of me
Gentle lips on mine
Moments surpassed time

Fingers wrap clumsily around your neck
You held me like porcelain
Touched me like an ancient book
But held me like I was saving your life

Softly raking my shirt
As if you were finding my seams
To ******* undone

You held my face
As if to make sure I wouldn't fall apart
Little did you know
I already had

Soft caress of my back
From the same arms
I swore held up the world

Our foreheads meet
As if to exchange thoughts
Even though I couldn't think
But your lovely eyes waited
When I opened mine

The voice that caught my attention
With every word it'd say
Was yet a whisper
That stoppemy heart

The birds fade in as we part
While the world comes back into play
You are all I see
alena Mar 2017
When madly in love
One doesn't ask questions

Especially not why or how

And that is the most hopeful thing I've ever known
alena Dec 2015
Bubbles rising the walls of chilled glass
Bursting and fizzing in a golden pink haze
Similar to the color of early fall sunsets

The fizzy feeling... of bubbles bursting
As they crash against your lip
And cascade around with your tongue

Sunsets and sunrises in their radiant yellow hazed blush
With cool breezes and warm sunlight
Crisp and fresh every breath

How I sip and savor all of it that is you
You've filled my life with a pink haze
You've left me in an eternal golden hour

I love my rosé colored lens
Every explosive kiss
Every fresh breath and beautiful thought
Every bit of it is my favorite
Because you have tainted my view
Can i thank you enough?
champagne kisses- jessie ware
alena Dec 2015
And more than anything
Fall in love with someone who makes you sure
Someone who makes you sure;
That the world isn't such a bad place
That it has to be full of love, because look at that face
That your life, your love is meant for so much more

Because more than anything
We love, to be saved...
Fall in love with someone
Who has you convinced, that they are your Savior
And just pray... That they feel the same

Because Falling in love with your savior, it's the only form of heaven we can know
You saved me from myself
alena Nov 2015
"My dear, when I talk about you,
I feel like I'm telling people about a character
From my favorite novel"
                    He laughs
"But my dear, I am real"
         She looks up at him
"Sometimes that's the worst part"
alena Nov 2015
Your touch seers my skin
You are an eruption in my chest
Pouring through my veins
Fueling my limbs and burning me from inside out
You are
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