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crybaby911 Feb 2016
She breathed in the darkness
But illuminated light
Attracting others to her never endless heart  
Eyelids that uncovered stars
And a galactic, mysterious soul
Which was like the universe, ever expanding
A new kind of solar system
Thoughts that were ever so changing like the constellations
Connecting all her fractured aspects
A black hole
With an emptiness inner void
That pulled me in
A beautiful universe filled with its oddities  
So peculiar, yet so mesmerizing
You just can't help it
But to fall in love with her
Because she sparked light in the darkness
While her universe shrunk and became less condensed
And she thought that she was nothing
But in all her glory, she is something...
crybaby911 Oct 2015
I am mentally toppling in my own thoughts
I thought it was love that I sought
Now, it's fazed in the opaqueness of my confusion
I lose myself, again, to depression.
crybaby911 Sep 2015
Depression is only a figment of the past
So remove yourself from its intoxicated dark magic
And relive your life once again.
*I hope to all of you that are in this state, breaks free from this mental insanity. You deserve to live life, you deserve to be yourself again.*
crybaby911 Sep 2015
Please don't call me beautiful
When I am marked by beastly scars
When I have accepted the true aspect of what's real
Until you have seen the true magnitude of my chaos that expresses true horror

Please don't teach me that I'm worth it
When I have finally gave up on myself
When I know that I'm a mishap that doesn't fit
Until you have seen my perspective of this world-death

Please don't feed me lies that I'm kind-hearted
When I punish myself for being who I am
When I can't find a reason why I started
Because I'm am swiped as an awful scam

Please don't spit in my face that I'm authentic
When I know my smiles are fake
When my face is stained and I just say I'm sick
And I'm the only thing I hate

And please don't stuff that word acceptable into me
When I know I'm a misfit for being a non-conformist
And I know I can't run free
When I'm under society's rule of dictatorship

But if you see my scars
The emptiness of emotions in my eyes
Please know I'm voyaging in a war
And when I have lost, note my last *sigh
crybaby911 Sep 2015
Unceasing mental conversations
Unceasing mental wars
Physical distortions
Unhealing scars

*Fix me doctor.
crybaby911 Sep 2015
"I'm battling so much fear and so much pain.
In my mind, all it ever does is rain."

crybaby911 Sep 2015
I am a cosmic wanderer
Lost in the darkness and shimmerness of his eyes
I'm in love with the darkness he breathes
And the stars he exhales.
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