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Nicole Jun 30
At last
She stripped her fears away
and clothed herself with courage
No one could ever undress

There she goes
dressed in confidence
Head's up high, she knows
better and bold
At last
pradipsingh Mar 31
At last all that matter is you
How much you have loved
How much you have cared
How much you have cried
How much you have laughed
How much you have traveled
How much you have enjoyed
How much you have learned
And at last how much you have lived
It went like the flow of the river, too fast
OMDB Dec 2018
I have been in this state for quite some time
The state of not being able to feel a thing
No emotion whatsoever
Joy, glee, optimisim
Fear, anxiety, pessimism
None of those at all
To feel at least one of those would be a relief
One that can not be decribed
It just lets me know that I am still alive
However I have been void of everything
Tis utter hell to be honest
But alas she has brought it out
The one who I admire the most
My moon, my sky, my sun
Has finally made me feel something
She was able to make me feel again
Letting me know that I am not just some...
Emotionless fool
It is just too bad however
That the feeling was self hatred
Kada Oct 2018
Education is the key that leads to your freedom.

                                                       ­                                    -Kada
To be free is in your control.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

I may be blind to the subtle movements of your all-seeing eyes,
But I am able to see that inside of you, you hold a beautiful soul.
I may not be able to lip read the thousand pages of your thoughts,
That aspire to escape from your heart and into my mind,
But as I hang on your every word, I truly am a good listener
And my ears are always open to your hearts true secrets,
If you are willing to show me yours.

So if you wish to confess your desires to me,
Before I leave,
Before I must go,
Then I will tell you over and over again that you are true beauty,
You amaze me,

The light to my rain; the best part of my day;
The crystal clear keeper of untold secrets to be near.
The fire in my veins;
My Moon, My Sun, My Earth…
My worth the thousand years wait.

If there is a way for you to ever love me,
Then let the Heaven’s speak!
Let the angels raise their voices!
Let their thunderous cry allow you and I to find a place,
Where I can tell you we should be!

If I cannot,
I will remain delayed…
I will remain in pain…
I will remain in my own dismay.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
It was a cold winter day to see
a cough to vision your breath
and yet I feel this apricity
a longing touch of uniqueness
that the time has joined you and me
telling us our souls have met

But do come the lummings
like demure confessions
as much as unanswered prayers
to say you had to mention
my name with a thousand versions
so ample to yours that fits the perfect way
as to fly without ignition
to be further from the bay

And as the last snow has melted
the breeze derive to the grass
I shall go whenever I'm needed
to your arms at last
Charlie Hazels Aug 2017
She was risky, she made me feel exhilarated
He paid me attention, I felt liked
He liked me for my weirdness, when I got overexcited
He made me feel safe. In his arms the world could not reach me

She made me feel all these things and more.
She smiles, my breath quickens.
She remembers what I like, I know I am interesting.
We get excited together, laughing and jumping and clapping, wide-eyed.

When I hold her in my arms, I know she is safe and I am too, both saviour and saved.
I hold her hand and never want to let go- the silent confidence makes me beam from ear to ear.
"I've got you" It says, "and you've got me."
Charlie Hazels May 2014
Before it happened I was excited.
It was daring.
I could impress you like you impressed me.
Show you I was caring.

Before it happened I knew it wasn't going to work.
It was a nightmare.
We sat on the red plastic seats like at school.
People around us glanced and began to stare.

As it happened I only took six steps.
And then we were seen.
We went through the grey door, the evidence.
On the computer screen.

As it happened I told you I loved you.
You had noticed.
You hugged me with a tear in your eye
At that moment we felt the closest.

After it happened we walked out togeher, your arm around me.
Mine around your waist.
You claimed it was only you to blame as we were there.
Being encased.

After it happened you joked about always wanting to be here.
Just not on this side.
I hugged you tight and didn't want to let go.
And I cried inside.

Now its over I feel so ashamed.
I could've said no.
You would have thought no less of me.
Had i done so.

Now its over I lie here in my bed worrying that you'll look for.
The razors I hid.
Please don't. Talk to me and let me help you get through.
What we did.
My friend/love did something really stupid, but it gave me the courage to tell her how i feel about her. The response was positive- even in the midst of the consequences.

— The End —