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Nina May 26
He looks like a player
i don't mean someone who plays sports
he looks like a boy
that plays with feelings
he has that playful look
a look that's only looking for fun
his words are filled with lust
nothing good ever comes out of it

take him away from me
i don't need a boy who plays with ones heart
i need a man to fix this broken heart.
Diya May 17
You were so childish
You mistook my heart
For a toy
And played with it
Until it broke.
Out of nowhere, I wanted to write it!
Random fictional poem!
Thanks for reading :)
Sebastian VL May 10
Got designer belt it’s black Ferragamo
And I’m still reminiscin from the time I said “la amo”
And everytime they come around me I am sayin “Vamos"
I Glowed up and I showed up while skrrting in a lambo

Fake friends they pull up and I still callem fammo
97 cents a sale profits going down low
Player with a victim mindset they wanna know mo
Actin like a guru played the shordy feeling down low

Played the game got brain and I prayed holy Trinity
Muhfucas denying my only abilities
Start a business then, deny its feasibility
Turn 18 then, deny my credibility

My life like the stocks, detached from reality
Meet me seem blessed look closer insanity
A young dude who cares, only bout his vanity
Wanna blow up no boom just raise my personality

Date one just to leave one and hop to another
A lot of hearts gon break this whole **** summer
Feeling tired like I just got out of a slumber
Leave em in their feelings while they askin for my number

Wanna make money while biking down the humber
Wanna get a time machine to make my life funner
Wanna lose my weight, but I am not a runner
Can't trust nobody these days so money is my lover
دema Dec 2019
im not going
to compete
for someone
who is not mine,
that is not the
game for me.
Tatiana Dec 2019
I can feel your voice
like grooves in a record
knowing the sounds that come out
will send me spinning
along with the music
Sam H Nov 2019
You got me;
played your cards -
right, sometimes wrong
i played your game,
it's too bad i lost

If i'm the fool,
might as well
act the clown
my world turns
upside down
you're around
Blake Sep 2019
Somewhere he walks,
with my heart draped over his shoulder on a weightless chain,
This somewhere,
He chuckles while a crow ***** above his precious head,
still feeding it the remains of my wide eyes and betraying tongue.
he walks and chuckles
thinking of his prey.
Kelsey Jul 2019
Just friends we promised
"Nothing more"
He said as he pulls me to the floor...

That night I went to bed with a *****.
He left before dawn...

He uses me but I dont mind
God help me...
I've fallen for a *****...
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