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Jul 2014
Crowd begins to rustle    
Lights begin to dim
Performers begin to sweat

The curtain fades
The noise of the audience fade    
The first act music-student's courage fades

He focuses on the notation sheet  
Stage lights focus on him    
Spectators focus on the teenager  

                 He plays the first downbow note                  
                 The crowd listens to him                    
        Lights shine, never faltering            


Multitude begins to grow impatient
Lasers begin to blink on
Pop stars begin to nod at each other

The darkness on the stage fades
Distraction fades from the crowd
Sweat on the band's hands fade

She focuses on the expanse of people
Yellow lights focus on all of them
The sea of people focus on the song

Bassist plays the intro
Die-hard fans listen to the heartthrob
Strobe lights shine, excitement escalates      

                                      -                                                                                                                            ­           

Big finale performed by the orchestra      
                   People shiver in their seats                        
                 Wood stage vibrates                      

         The curtains are drawn        
Listeners sated, their scores are a draw
      Philharmonic members draw smiles      

    Assembly gives a standing ovation        
Each student gives a triumphant bow    
Curtains give way          
             Backstage, the people laugh                      
Stage director laughs from relief  
Congregation laughs from witty student's last remark


Last verse of fulfilling song performed by band
Top section shivers from air conditioner
Big speakers vibrate on last note

Projector screens are drawn
Crowds draw their phones for selfies
Drummer draws his experience on notebook

Spectators give shouts of, "Encore!"
Band members give their farewell
Coliseum gives back lights

Pianist laughs recalling his slip
Volunteers laugh from crowd's reaction  
Fans laugh at guitarist signing for them
our ends are all beginnings
Written by
Issa  Yerevan
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