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R B M Sep 2019
The driveway of my house has potholes and washed up chalk residue.
Markings from bike tires and cars that come and go.
I try and try to get to the car by the curb that’s been parked there since I was born,
But the driveway seems to get longer and longer, and longer.

My house sits at the back end of this driveway.
With traps that visitors can’t seem to find,
And yelling matches that can’t be heard through it’s impervious walls.
And so I run and run and run, never reaching the end of this dumb driveway.

If you ask the people who have or haven't reached their car,
They all have different opinions.
It all depends on the person-- no… the past.
Who’s been seen, who’s been heard, who’s been loved, and who’s been misunderstood.

We may be wrong, or we may be right
But we don’t care
Because all we want to do is reach the gosh **** car at the end of this Rotten driveway
That feels longer every time we trip, fall, or bend to re-tie our porous shoes

I don’t yet understand that these falls and knots that I make now will help me to learn to drive,
So when I reach that car on this idiotic driveway’s curb
I’ll be able to grasp the steering wheel
And drive, away of course.

When I back out of this rundown, beat-up, defeated driveway
I’ll think of the path it took me on.
Maybe all the scratches and bruises I’ll have by the end of this pavement
Will tell me different tales from the perspective of the rocks and cement.

Life seems rough looking back at the torn up house from this ever-stretching driveway,
Because no one remembers the good,
the colorful chalk pictures and the shiny new bikes
And maybe we won’t ever remember unless it’s all behind us and we reach that car on the curb of this
gosh ****, ever-stretching, rundown, beat-up, defeated, dumb, idiotic, Rotten, long, long, long driveway,
But i will always call it home.
Andre Vrdoljak May 2018
I am bleeding broken teeth
Out on the driveway
My BMX buckled beside me
And the whole world in front of me

I am typing up scripts
To sell consumer goods
My empty lunch tin beside me
And a deadline in front of me

I am watching the curtain breath
Through the balcony door
My dog sits beside me
And the weekend in front of me

I am memory pushed through a straw
Into the shape of a man
My dreams beside me
As with the whole world around me
Included in I am... (Ja sam..)  exhibition
CallMeVenus Oct 2017
Lately, I don't know how to make things sound like poetry
And I know I promised I'd stop writing about you
But I can't.

And it's stupid how I wait for 4 am driveway lights
So I can turn over and sleep because I know you are home

But insomnia is now my bestest friend
And I ******* miss you.
I use my voice for the first time in months
Ready to learn how to love you
But your driveway lights are now her's happiness.
I hope her's 'I love you's don't start to sound much more like my 'I'm sorry's.
Funny how
we both settled for half the love.
Autumn Mar 2016
Do not trust boys
who kiss you in your drive way.
If they can't make it to the front door
there must be something wrong.

I have had many first kisses in my driveway
and every boy that has given me one
has turned out sour.
Do not trust boys who kiss you in your drive way.

If they are too lazy to walk the extra ten feet to your front door
then they are most likely too lazy to walk
the extra mile in a relationship.
Effort is key my friend.

I cannot bare to stand in my driveway.
Memories come flooding in
from this boy and that.
Do not trust boys that kiss you in your driveway.
Trust me on that.
Erin Atkinson Dec 2015
somedays, Love is like an empty driveway. sometimes Love is a grizzly; when it wakes, it growls at you. sometimes, Love is a full moon. Love dances with You and forgets its claws and gnashing teeth. sometimes, Love doesn't know that its bites aren't supposed to hurt. but sometimes You don't either, so you forgive. sometimes Love is a cat that scratches and comes back purring. You don't fault it for being that way. Love is not easy to understand, but at least You are always willing to try.
when I’m driving down the interstate
I always have the same debate
I feel like I’m stuck in a **** crate

I would like to go.
drive down to Denver Colorado.
I would like to see
the west coast beach

when I’m driving down these side roads
I only see these toads
I would like to feel
that west coast real

I would like to walk,
have a nice talk.
I would like to be
with those that are free.

I’m parked in a driveway
and it’s only one way.
it’s definitely not -
it’s definitely not what i thought.

— The End —