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Egeria Litha Jul 28
It was the look in your eyes
Never wore the brakes
Trip of our life
It was the look in your eyes
Stops me every time
Chilly blue unexplainable you

Taos brings Chaos
Crestone is half empty on a Full Moon
New Orleans daydreams
of ghosts and Voodoo Queens
Miami sinks under the sea
We are running out of places to be
Centuries-old quest for gold
The sun as our flashlight

The sun hit your eyes
Stops me every time
Chilly blue undefinable you
Drowns me in your monsoon
Egeria Litha Jul 24
I teared down the floor boards of my heart
I opened a latch on the floor
and out came a piece
Of a door  
With a staircase winding down
Descending into psyche
You are found  
To a moldy room with dusty brooms
rotting wood and colonial perfume
I am a cluttered storage solely containing
ancient relics of you
Just came out like word *****
Egeria Litha May 11
I miss you in a whirlwind
trails of wind whip my skin
left high and dry
volume in my hair
dust in my eyes
sand in the grit
I  miss you in a tailspin
you were just here
tread marks where you been
I miss you in a time capsule
I swallow each mourning
  May 9 Egeria Litha
Encyclopedic mainframes
Lap-top heads
Power-boxes for multitudinous outlets, plugs, chargers
Conduits manipulating
Fiber-optic arteries
Artificial energy
Pale lights
Computers aglow in dark cloistered bedrooms
Powered pacemakers stalling at microwaves
Electrocuted blood - cookied fantasies
Ads proclaiming everything free!
Pharmaceutical elixirs for limpness, lumpiness, loneliness
Snake-oil for suffering
Nigerian kings, Syrian refugees
*******, clever memes, whimsical gifs, shocking news, witty banter
Spewing on every thread

Existential *****.
Aroma-less cuisines
Vacuumed vacations
Youtubed communions
Suicide selfies.

Crucifixdrones - pedolandia
Jdate.POF.AshleyMadison.Match. Eharmony.SpeedDate.OKcupid
CG. Missed encounters...
Serial killers,
Pixalated *******, vein-throbbed **** shots, cardboard gloryholes

Instagramed I
Inviolate I
Internet I

I    I     I

No sweaty arm pits, cottage cheese, gray nose hairs or belly fat
Computer [ScreenShot]
While behind, posters hang: The Doors, Tupac, NIN, The Smiths, Hendrix, Joy Division, Nirvana


2D souls
144 word manifestos
Archetype emoticons

Doodled centaurs
Caged in matrices

Transcendental notes
Need a hit
Of internet smack

A line, a pinch, a drag
A like, a comment, a kudos
A reply, a thumbs up, a share, a poke
One measly view
Baby, come on, give me a fix
Just one
Notification: ding-beep-buzzzz
I want to dissolve like alka-seltzer in tap water
Otherwise I'm a used-up toothpaste tube
Sitting in a dank medicine cabinet

If not, I am
A stick-figure created from matches
Drowning in a drum of gasoline

Not buried beneath pregnant soil
No. dumped into blue recycling bins.

[Ctrl +Alt+Delete]
Egeria Litha May 6
I am raining
the sky is too
the ink is blotting on this letter to you
dark clouds consume light blue
shooting stars hibernate
as I wish for you
Egeria Litha May 6
Our personal tragedy must fit our personalities

Ripped in two
or smashed to pieces
destroyed all the same

She committed suicide
or left me for another man
she left me all the same

He didn't make it first
or murdered before the finish line
regardless, he failed in rage

I lost him to the sea
I lost him to cancer
loss as the answer

will an increase in self-awareness
cause bliss or the enemy of it

a myriad of pathways to the same place


Does it matter what color and form pain takes?

Would you prefer strawberry
or vanilla flavor
****** up?

No, we don't make our syrups here

And one last thing,
would you like fries with that?
Thoughts on american culture and how there are so many ways to experience essentially the same feeling.
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