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rhionna Mar 13
pushed aside
always the second thought
but never the first
unresponded texts
a shift in energy
the cold shoulder
that I don't deserve
leaving behind
a ghost of what
I thought could be
new found hapiness
or whatever the kids say
a tale of being ghosted, everybody has gone through it at least once... stay away "J" names ahaha
rhionna Mar 3
you were always the priority
your feelings over mine
holding back my words
as they might have an affect on you
always worrying about you
concerned for you
waiting for you
crying over you
when will it never not be
about you
mentally and emotionally done
rhionna Feb 27
once again
that simple question
pops up again
do you really mean?
with constant compliments
and previews of puppy love
do you really mean it?
maybe paranoid
maybe scared of what happiness
you could bring me
the question quietly
snakes it's way into my mind
do you really mean it?
my habit second guessing with a little bit of self distruction put into some word
rhionna Feb 21
I feel like I'm floating
an outsider looking within
even with friends
this feeling never came up before
why do I feel it now?
stuck outside
set aside from conversations
left boxed off from friends
reduced to nothing but
an outsider looking within
trying to describe this weird way I feel as of late
rhionna Feb 14
'"and hopefully the gods make us align
and we see each other soon"
my stomach felt a flutter
a smille graced my lips
if I could blush I would
look at that
what the power of his words can do
rhionna Feb 11
I feel like something has to change
with him I feel good and without is just the same
but i couldn’t think of him not apart of my life
no matter as a friend or something more
I would never cut ties
For so many reasons I could tell you why
I’ve gotten my closure and i’ve evolved
but with him I am always involved

going back to him is a constant theme
a game played between just you and me
I know of the reality of what is happening
as I’ve been told it so much
something has to give
a change
an evolution
I know nobody quite gets the situation
between you and I we barely even know
I know what i got myself into
content with kisses and cuddles
but in my mind and heart of hearts I know
something has to give

In the new year
I’ll not search but be open to something new
I believe somebody can love me just as much as you
I tried this once before and was burned
turning me back to you, my love who I couldn’t shake
but deep inside I know what's right
time to try again
not think of you in that way as much as I did
only the new year will tell
be gentle and be fair
oh new year
may all be well
the first poem I ever wrote in the new year, one of the most personal, and by far the longest
rhionna Feb 10
one good morning text
20 lovely words
unexpected each time
but greatly adored
a smile in class  
a pull of a heart string  
the infamous good morning text
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