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all i do is sit and wait
the feeling isn’t great
when all i do is give and you take
your energy seems fake
is what i’m doing a mistake
this feeling makes my stomach ache
when it comes to me all you do is flake
i am not quite religious
but everynight i pray to God
you continue to shine like the stars
in the night sky
knowing i am a sinner
i’ll get on my knees for you for all night
it’s such a delight
laying in bed while you hold me tight
even thought its not right
hoping it will end with us seeing the light
when we kisss i can taste the lies on your tongue
bitter sweet , it’s my favorite treat
the sweet taste of disbelief
knowing i am not the only one
because when everything is said & done
you get to shout “i won”
in this games played for two
in which i had no clue
while you let feelings brew
letting it simmer through
all no thanks to you
I was born on January 22nd , that makes me an Aquarius , which is an air sign
All I know is that it makes me a chill sign
Which is ironic because I am always dying inside
Walking around like everything is fine
I don't know how to swim and I like boys with the brightest smiles

I am still learning how to be vocal
Other times I am either too loud in quiet places
Or too quiet in loud places
that date you went on
made me cry all night long
couldnt get over the fact that you are gone
but in your game i was the pawn
but tonight i realized you were just a ******* all along
the though of you still haunts my mind
i can still feel your fingertips running down my back
crazy how you're not dead
and i can still feel your body on my bed
i just cant seem to get you out of my head
instead of staying you fled
on your side of the bed are all the tears i shed
memories of you are what i dread
all you did was mislead
while all i did was misread
my tongue holds all the things unsaid
while you leave all my texts unread
you don't want me but you don't want anyone else to have me
what a shame
when you play with my feelings like a game
but i am the one to blame
cause you toy with me and its lame
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