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Over Backwards
Knowing that not
Even Once You Would Do The Same For Me
Now I am left Severed
How could you not
Understand that even though you broke me , i
Really still
Truly love you .
breakup’s ****
When i first kissed you it felt like God created you for me

I felt like i was the other half of your rib , your eve

You held my hand with such security , the way a mother holds her baby the first time it's in her arms

We fit perfect sleeping next to each other , You were my missing puzzle piece
you are my kryptonite
my greatest enemy yet my bestfriend
the rain on my sunny day
you are the good and the bad to me
you are my everything yet you left me like nothing
you were like a maze
nothing but dead ends i kept running into
i was trying to find my way out
but instead you let me get trapped inside
no exit or beginning
where there is pain you nurse it . as so they say
but what am i supposed to do?
am i supposed to take my time and heal what you have broken within me?
or do i just rip everything out and let it flat line?
i always said when we kissed you i can taste the next couple years of my life

your lips held stories of our love that was yet to be told

your eyes were the window to our escape , shining so bright

your voice was my night time lullaby

your hands held the key to my heart

and you , you were just everything i have asked for and so much more
i dont even know what the hell this is
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