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Nina Aug 2019
I could fall for anyone i want
Choose anyone i want
But somehow
Its always been
Expo 86' Sep 2015
Love is the only way to forget about you, but the more i love the other the more i realize that i really love you, that you are eternal in my life, that i'm only the thorns and you are the rose, that you are the blanket that keep me warm, and the other are just some fan that just push dust in my lungs.
Echo Feb 2015
~You're the only one for me,
And I'm the only one for you~
Matthew Chen Jan 2015
The girl I'm thinking of
Is who I see in school everyday
In church every Friday
And in my dreams

The memory of her is never removed
There are times that I want to talk to her
There are times I want to hold her hand
And there are times that she might be with someone else

I don't know if my heart is playing games with me
I just feel like I'm falling in love with her
I'm conflicting my emotions since Day 1
And I can't take the pain anymore

I want to admit it to her that I like her
But I can't cause I know it's too early
And she would just ignore me and never talk to me
Then there will the time that I'll inflict pain

There was a time that I was in pain
She came to me, concerned, asking me if I was okay
I was silent, not a word to be said
And as she comforted me, she asked me to hold her hand

That feeling when I touched her hand
It snapped, that feeling snapped
I knew that it would happen
Just one touch, I fell in love in an instant
courtney ropp Sep 2014
And you are my love...
The one that I want,
The ONLY ONE I think about
When the world goes crazy.
I see the distance.
Oct '13
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
Yesterday she was nowhere to be found
In the earth or under the earth.

Suddenly she is all here - a bright soon
Of a tomorrow in earnest and potluck joy, embers and pyres, iris and the merriment of ochre.

A star groomed by outer space - spilling wet ash
And fissured out by the tailored saw of the wood.
Now something is stirring in the smolder.
We call it a girl.

Still wowed.
She has no idea where she is.

Her eyes, chalcedony stones, explore ripening doomsday and an ivory moon rock.
Is this the world?
It confuses her. It is a great numbness.

She pulls herself together, rousing to the new weight of things
And to that maternal figure nuzzling her, and to her down burrow.

She rests
From the first infinite shock of light, the empty laze
Of the curious and their curious questions -
What has happened? What am I?

Her ears keep on inquiring, blissfully.

But her legs are impatient,
Mending from so long nothingnesses
Her tiny hands are restless with ideas, they start to try a few out,
Swaying this way and that,
Grasping for balance, learning fast -

And she's suddenly upright

And stretching - a giant hand
Strokes her from top to toe
Perfecting her outline, as she tightens
The knot of herself.
Now she comes to -
Bold, beautiful - Argentina
Over the weird world. Her nose
crimson and magnetic, draws her, consciously sounding,
A petite yaff, aimed towards her mother. And the world is warm
And gentle and softens her daze. Touch by touch
Everything fits her together.

Soon she'll almost be a woman.
She wants to be a Woman,
Pretending each day more and more Woman
Till she's the perfect Woman. The immortal Woman
Will surge through her, weightless, unbound, a twirling flame
Beneath silver gusts,

It will coil her eyeballs and her heels
In a single outlaw fright - like the awe
Between mortar and firework.

And curve her neck, like a crocodile emerging from the placid pond
Among lilies,
And fling the new moons over her shimmery banner,
All the full moons and the dark moons.
Booming, ineffable delight.

— The End —