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courtney ropp Nov 2014
You could love me to the moon and back.

You could love me till your heart's content.

You could love me like the morning sun.

You could love me in a heart's lament.

You could love me with everything you have,
Everything you've got.

It may be a lot.


You could never love me enough.
26 Aug '14
courtney ropp Nov 2014
Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk.

That's all I want to do.

But to know one.
1 Sept '14
courtney ropp Nov 2014
To know we are appreciated is what keeps us smiling.

To be shown we are appreciated is what keeps us moving the next 1000 miles.
8 Sept '14
courtney ropp Sep 2014
In then out.
Here then no more.
Mankind witnessed through my glass window.
Opportunity to breed relationship,
Gone forever.
Who are they?
What do they know?
What could they teach me?
How much could love them?
Though as our non-existent bond is severed,
Never to be given that chance returned,
So then God takes over.
But then aren't we sometimes that stranger
Seen through someone's window glass?
24  Aug '14
courtney ropp Sep 2014
You are not

I am not Yours.

We are not
Each Others.

And yet,
We are not our
16 Aug '14
courtney ropp Sep 2014
I am torn in half.
One piece to the East,
And the other to the West.

The East a world of peace, There
I live in confidence of your promise.
I see Joy.
I see Love.
I see it there...You.

The Wild West, a place of confusion, There
I see Hurt.
I see Disappointment.
I see it there...You.

Someday, the two will be one.
They will meet in the middle.
I see Conflict.
I see Resolution.
I see it there...hopefully it's You.
20 July '14
courtney ropp Sep 2014
I am sinking in the fullness of you;
Like a tempest blowing through my body.
I feel every wave.
Each time you smile,
My heart prepares for the impact.
There is danger in the storm,
There is beauty.
I can't look away.
Though I know in the midst of it all...

I'm going to drown.
18 July '14
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