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I sculpt you in the papers of my sketchbook
Every stroke of your outline is defined so well
To express the only way I know how
An outlet for my hidden feelings
But seeing your face in view again
Always elicits another daydream
It is never enough
You don't know that I draw you
In your most candid moments
Just to capture that memory again
You're the most beautiful when you don't try
By now I know the beauty in your every flaw
From growing up by your side
As close as we are, I want to be closer
Every canvas I see
Is another home to paint a memory
Your lips like fire, your eyes like the sea
They resemble the chaos of the waves
Showing your wild nature
They reel me in
I drown in them endlessly
mikumiku Mar 2018
I’d rather drink my **** than take another word
‘Cause all that “telemundo”, *****, you know I’ve heard
I should have killed you when I had the perfect chance
That very moment when I caught your sorry glance
You said “Nutella honey baby, just don’t tell’er
And I will make your every fantasy ***, true
I’ll make your life a beach ‘cause you’re my light, so stellar
And there will never be another one but you”
Now, what a load it was, don’t know where to begin
The “candy ‘licious” or the “sugar mint Milano”…
You’re Michael Angelo but when you touch my skin
I feel like I’m Alyssa hot-***-***** Milano
I should have killed you, ****, I could have killed you twice
Before you made my life much darker than your eyes
But now that you’re alive and chained against this bed
Let’s play a little game I call The Walking Dead

— The End —