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Daniella Veras Nov 2018
I woke up wanting...
my cheek against your skin,
listening to the beating of your heart
the air rising in your lungs,
Tracing your clavicle with my nose
Up the side of your neck
Breathing you in deeply
As I softly kiss your cheek
And whisper gently in your ear
"Good morning, papi..."

- Morning would begin like this
Daniella Veras Mar 2016
Like a constant meditation,
in between my daily to-do list,
thoughts of the weather,
what I was going to eat next,
deep inhales,
and seemingly interminable exhales,
he was the mantra my mind would default to.

*~Ohm is where my heart is
Daniella Veras Dec 2015
I know how you're feeling, yes
I know just what you think
I know he's kinda cute
'specially after a drink
or two you share with him
and almost on a whim
You start to consider the possibility...
....but you don't know him like I do.
(I pray you never do.)

He says all the right things
and talks of pretty rings
and goals and future plans
He takes you by the hand
and looks into your eyes
It takes you by surprise
I know girl, I do, believe me...
...but you don't know him like I do.

Yes, he sounds so sweet
and he will sweep you off your feet
A pretty picture he will paint
then admits he's not a saint
Believe him and what I say
It all just fades away,
It all just fades away...
Changes like night and day.
You don't know him like I do...
I pray for you that you never do.
I pray you never do
Daniella Veras Dec 2015
He said: make war, not love.
So she took out her sword,
named it kindness and killed him with it.
Daniella Veras Dec 2015
Withered petals remain
on stems that have gone dry
a dusty symbol of the day
someone cared enough to try.

*-I'll buy my own **** roses
Daniella Veras Dec 2015
There was a certain cadence when he talked.
His head would bop to its own rhythm as he enthusiastically recounted, waxed poetic, or ranted.

Rant or rave,
There was no real in between
As is often the case with passionate people and sharp tongues.

His words cut like razors.
He was more than willing to draw blood and I was more than willing to shed it.
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