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Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
It cannot be seen
rather felt through a beam.
A lovely state of being
where you can die for
creating a new thing
without a sigh
or a second thought inbetween.
You can look around
and see beyond it.
And finally You feel
the delight of beginning
after reaching
the pinnacle of
an Inspiration hill!
Climbing an Inspiration hill every now & then..not knowing where it would lead..but where's the harm even if I mislead..
Dhaara T Apr 2017
She's my best friend
My worst enemy too
To my mind she does tend
Teaching me every day, things anew

She feeds my mind
with thoughts that shock, but also uplift
A better wingman, I cannot find
To me, she's such a gift

She is the one who shows me love
And joy in the littlest of things
The reason my heart pursues the purity of a dove
Led by her, my soul sings

I could not live without her
She'd cease to exist, without me
The girl in the mirror
She is me, I am she
The inspiration without is only a reflection of a never-ending fountain of inspiration within.
Pagan Paul Apr 2017
The twilight moon peeps
from behind the brazen grey cloud.
Chill air coalesces into a light fog
creeping nonchalant along the street.
Orange lamp glow cascades around
dancing with the fog in osmosis swirls.
Ice blue eyes of fire and malevolence
trace a pathway through the dirge.
Zoning out and homing in,
a huntress stalking unknowing prey.
A black kitten dashes from the hedge,
across the street, up to a front door,
leaving tiny prints scattered on the lawn,
and the ice blue eyes of fire drip pleasure,
as a primal sound emerges, guttural,
but unmistakedly … a cackle.

Feint, feint sobbing punctuates the night.
As she lays curled foetal clutching her doll.
Her other hand between her thighs,
seeking in vain to reclaim her violated body.

“ Daddy made Mummy go to sleep
with sweeties from the little brown bottle
and the drink from the grown-ups cupboard,
and then he played horsey with her.
He told me Mummy had been a good girl,
and it was my turn to be nice to Daddy.
He always scares me at night
but its his way of saying he loves me.
Daddy Loves his little girl, he always says so”.

The sobbing slowly fades into … nothing,
And she knows. She doesn't Love Daddy.
Now he is watching tv and drinking beer.
Daddy hears the doorbell and swears.
He goes to answer, opening the portal.
Too late, far too late, to stop …
… the Judderwitch.

He woke. And tried to scream,
nailed spread-eagle to a wall.
Throat, dry, unable to make a sound.
And in his head he screams.
Pierced flesh with sanguin scabs
ripping agony through his very fibre.
Ice blue eyes of fire dance hooded
before him with torture and brutality.
His face erupts in pus filled cysts
to burst and seer pain on his flesh.
And in his head he screams.
As the face in the hood morphs into
the face of his little girl as he rapes her.
And he screams, in his head he screams,
and screams and screams,
as the blade slices slowly, so slowly,
and his manhood falls flaccid floor-ways.
Eyes bulge in horror,
and in his head he screams ...
And screams … and screams,
as his ribs crack, break, in his chest.
Pushing through and up and out,
like flint sharp spears of rancid bone,
and in his head he screams …
and screams … and screams ...

“Mummy. Mummy. There's kitten on the lawn.
Can we keep her Mummy. Can we? Please?”
She walks out the front door
and smiles at her daughter, the kitten meows.
She watches her little girl play,
the cat enraptured with little plaits.
“Mummy. Why can't I remember anything about Daddy?
He only went away last night”.
“I don't know sweetie. I can't remember anything either.
Not even his face. Its very strange indeed”.

A breeze chills their skin as they look
toward the Cherry Tree on the lawn.
Its leaves whispering their sylvan symphony.
But all they heard was …
… cackling.
And the feint, feint sound
of somebody

© Pagan Paul (04/04/17)
Damian Murphy May 2015
Thank you Dad for everything you have done,
your hard work and sacrifice for everyone.
Thanks for everything you continue to do,
but most of all thank you just for being you.
Thank you Dad for taking time to care,
we really appreciate you always being there
at those times when we feel we really need you;
you never leave us wanting, always come through.

Thank you Dad for being constantly strong,
for being such a rock when things go wrong,
for making time for us, for always listening,
to the myriad of problems we constantly bring.
Thank you Dad for calming our fears,
for soothing words, for wiping our tears.
Thank you for never letting us give up hope;
for convincing us repeatedly we can cope.

Thank you for your guidance as we move along,
for teaching each one of us right from wrong,
for encouraging us always to do the right thing,
for the moral compass that guides our everyday living.
Thanks for your calmness, your infinite patience,
your common sense when faced with youthful exuberance!
Thank you for providing us with everything we need
for believing in us, giving us the tools to succeed.

Thank you Dad for never giving up on me,
for encouraging me to be all that I could be,
for your forgiveness those times I was absolute brat,
for your direction when I had no clue what I was at.
Thank you from my heart for being such a great Dad,
Thank you for the wonderful upbringing I had,
Thank you mostly for teaching me what it means to be a Dad,
If I am only half as good as you then my kids won’t do so bad.
Lauren Ehrler Apr 2017
"The flower that blooms in adversity
Is the most rare and beautiful of all."*

I climb to the top
I won't ever stop
I may be a woman
But I don't belong to a man

I am not the same
Or even sane
But I have fought
Because I've been taught

Never lose sight
Of life
Take the knife
Keep it near
To turn on peers

I've learned to defend
Against those who pretend
To be friends
But stab you in the end

I've fought so much
To die by my own touch.
I will fight my battles
And make the world rattle.

I'll stay true to me
Instead of flee.
I know the movie  isn't true to the legend but... still beautiful. It's inspired me to be myself instead of someone else
Jack Jenkins Apr 2017
You're feeling every brick
of your house falling down
each thud you shudder and
shake because you're scared
of all the elements you're
going to be exposed to now
that everything is collapsed.

Hold onto what you believe
you're not a bad person at all
I promise you're going to live
I promise I'm here to hold you
up through this hardship you
are going through. Embrace
the challenge and overcome.

**I believe in you.
I'm writing this to inspire my friend who's going through a difficult time in her life. I hope she knows there's still somebody that cares about her.
dazzling seed
of water and flesh
here are your toes!
hear your wail!

a shock in lopsided time

take your father's paltry
proud, untidy praise,
whisper it to your own reflection
off the river of the universe

yarn an incandescent voyage
beyond the gaudy shores of
humanities crooked beaches

between your ears sloshes
a makeshift promise of meaty

fill your pockets with courage,
climb stupendous trees of ambition
and grin for luck

fill your mouth with laughter,
spit it on pointless hate
and pack a secret love for everyone

fill your skull with warlike wit,
pour it on the ******, the bitter
and stuff your soul with wildflowers

eat these words with
your heart

my hope,
my inspiration,
my child.
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2012
In plain sight, the Peacocks ply their wearisome
Colours.  Awkwardly swaying, pompously preening,
They cry to be seen, their voices are gurgling  
And gawking.  The direction of wind is their vane.

Overhead, in the secret sky fleet wings are truth.
In the sun the searing Falcon is seeing all;
His talons turn and steal away, they are mad,  
Playful fingers— they will have their say.

*— after W. B. Yeats
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2017
This website,
is full of great minds
with great thoughts
new ideas
equipped with words and rhymes  
to inspire me  
help me write
one or more lines
each day
Nylee Apr 2017
You said
   words are gift
     it can lift life

You said
    life will not be what you expect
    but the things you can accept

You said
   Don't give up that early
    Regret is very difficult to carry

You said
    Sometimes its better to stay silent
    than let things become violent

You said
     thousand wise words ,
     and let me fly away
      to find my way
      just like every other bird.
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