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dogmatical snakebird dictator
**** rooster of electro maniacal damnation

goober eyed ithyphallic mortal yahoo yawns
glacier shuffle to Midas’ bowl

minty hairy pasty headed *******
seafoam ***** on white vanity beaches

deceitful murderous metal cartel scraping
dead shrubs from yesterday’s winter

egg flour chalk smack
guzzling bean kerosene

batshit bureaucratic badgers bludgeon
muktuk hamsters lubricating wheels of fortune

butcher’s dead friend between greasy toasted cement
harlot’s heavenly tomato mating cabbage cousin

taradiddle of martyrs at jargon’s temple blather
babble, bumble - copulation without *******

unicorn steaks, butterfly sauté, and
leprechaun fingers, a side of manslaughter dolphin

a felon’s holiday

sacred salty plush

they escape me.
they elude me.
these innocent, cosmically


i’d lick the noble chalk
off the board of
Bukowski and Hughes,
Whitman and Sexton,
Ginsberg and Wilde,
for the privilege to

life comes with its bitter calendar,
shackling you to a bloodsucking propagandist, always asking for your time

you take your pills of coal and lime -
a father, a worker, a man, a lover -
a tyrant over a narrow scope of existence
called you

and you live
and we live
and i live

a paralysis of carbon and function

a baffling empire of fire and ankle socks,
destined for a hearse that someone else will pay for

before we eat the dirt
we wear these perverted hats
that say

i’m this
they’re that
and you’re…

a writer
i’ll never be
scooping silent, hush baby,
i’m here, hush,
but only in my head

i trip on the piano stool
“god ******” i whisper


i smile, our second genetic
mutation, clumsily fondles my
face in the dark, once, twice,
three times, to be sure,
i’m here

her fingers poke my eyes
tug at what little ****** hair
i have and go limp with dreams
only babies have

it occurs to me; this cruelty of
being left alone,
in blank black darkness,
is falling from a ledge
backwards and slow

she is my earth and i
am her sun, if i am gone
where is she in the vastness
of space and time?

her breath grows deep,
i wonder, what have i done
to you? to myself?

you must be strong,
wise, courageous,
thoughtful, creative, respectful,
kind, generous, forgiving -
a litany of perfect virtues
achievable only sparingly

yet, there is one trait,
one asset i value, almost
beyond ability, grace, and


you can do it
its your responsibility
its your fault
you asked for it
you only have yourself to blame
you should know better
you created this mess,
you clean it up
you said…

a parenthood spent hacksawing
my children from myself -
i wonder what they’ll do to

what is the sun without planets
than a lonely lantern in nothingness?
what is the earth without its life?
gravity without its force?
sunsets without a witness?

what are you without an egg
and a *****?


i’ll try to remember these cries,
they weren’t for her,
they were for me.
your poetry is the
timid surgeon's

your brainwashed disfigured filth
posing as poetry, glitter sprinkled
over horse ****

parasitic eager beavers
rattling off hollow sanitary words
from suburban armchairs

when you speak of passion...
I want the ivory joy
of licking teeth in black
cold nights of February
grabbing fistfuls of flesh
and desire

not your stiff ******* advertisement,
marketing zombie climaxes and red roses
of compulsion

when you speak of loss...
I want the acrid smell of burnt
hair, a scene of cinder and ashes,
a house of dreams smoked
by the arsons of addiction
and stupidity

not your camouflaged metaphors
of two dollar sunrises and legislated
loneliness, echoing off the empty walls
of narcissism

when you speak of hate...
I want cold bacon grease and blood
stuck to my tongue and dripping from
my mouth, to become a carnivore of ******
and liberated violence

not your confused assault
of cheap mouthwashed words
spat in basins of shallow

ah, **** it,
write what you will
but give more
poetry should
i know you mean well

executive decisions
touching base with
the team, to take a deep dive
to analyze risks and best practices

a sexless donkey mask
decoded to mean;
“i haven’t the slightest idea,
what you mean”

we’re all primates here
no need for practical lyrical

i know
you never think;
***** in your court,
you’ve got cycles,
or getting down and *****
is your gig

but here’s the thing Alice  -
you’ve gotta go down the
rabbit hole

more than metaphorically

gotta use that big skull
lugging around that 50 pound
brain of yours

you know
connect the dots
ducks in a row
on the same page
that kinda ****

and for
due diligence
i’d like to say -
leaders do more than

i love monkeys
but they do more than

pretending to know
what the **** you throw
smells like

worse than eating
the ****
you shat
our lives twist and turn
ebb and flow

our past
the knuckles of twigs to branches
the snake of a meandering river
creating lakes,
a hand and a reflection of
current state

there was beauty there -
nervous bodies collapsing
on each other, peacetime
handsaws dividing time
like honorary saints

we harpooned chaotic hopes
and dreams, orphaned our logic,
made love in a tree under glittering

if only it was
so poetic

really, just cannibalistic
lonesome ******
looking for an angry fix
vultures aflutter for a carcass

perhaps that was me
not you, no matter

our magnetic climaxes
of mind and flesh only
bloopers of lives just

holding my daughters in these
hands, my hands, smugglers of
truth and lies, i hold blind hope,
whisper conspiracies in their ears:

“the only way to win is forgiveness and love,
religion is a man’s fairytale they’d like you to believe,
the apocalypse will be man’s not god's,
politics is a man’s excuse for action,
love is a man’s lie for ***,
poverty is a man’s idea of justice,
war is a deformity of man’s making,
thank god you’re a woman!”

our disfigured past has
changed the genetic genome
of unimportant history, given me voice
and perspective

i can’t be sorry,
for the lies i’ve told,
the love and hate i’ve wrought,
its the greasy yarn of my soul
i weave in a simple shack of promise,
that, they’ll be better than me

i can’t be sorry
there is no pen
no keys on the board
no rhymes in the rhythm
to bring my furious apocalyptic
circus of peaches and lizards
cast in copper and cow’s milk
to an end

i’ll tickle the martyrs
make them giggle at
distilled ideology

a bare **** hyena
on a cross of perverted
peppermint dreams
laughing at the stars
of invisible hooligans
and queens

narcotic logic
a saucy prophesy

let’s chew the governor’s gum
dance with the ugly ballerina
of sewage and power
and ***** the democratic
statue of liberty

godless addicts,
storming the streets at dusk,
reptilian vultures
smacking at the chops for
ceremonial wreckage

a colony of despair and
heavy hearts, sniffing blow
from pages of divinity

oh, don’t you know?
that rotten ole bible
buried with your cadaver,
just a rotten floppy book
of lies and wisdom dreams,
flaccid logic in a wilderness
of life

the truth was at the force of
your birth, a shocking ******
into awesome naked existence,
a fat and chunky firecracker of

there are no iron gates
in the sky, waiting to be opened
just for you

just this dangerous soup
of humanity,

you make your mark
not for death, but here
for the living, and the living
after that
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