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sadgirl Sep 2017
the magic
is that i have no home
in this world
besides you
Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
I like how the internet connects
A web truly is an apt description
Pull this string to meet someone
from halfway across the world
who likes the same books as you
Pull that string to learn a new skill
Read a few articles, look at some examples
welcome to the world of graphology
Pull a different string to enter the bazaar
Access to the world's marketplaces
from wherever you are
But most of all, I like how there's
somewhere to hear other's stories
and gain some new perspectives
Isabelle Apr 2017
Great about the net?
Is I get to stalk my crush
Get some pics and blush :)
Entry for day 7. Super late post :)
bryn Apr 2017

All On The Internet


All On The Internet


All On The Internet

Some Hate

Some Love

Some Don't Care

Some Care Too Much

I s   i t   a   g o o d   t h i n g   o r   a   b a d   t h i n g?

T h e   i n t e r n e t   c o n t r o l s   u s

B u t   i t   a l s o   g i v e s   u s   a   w a y   t o   c o n n e c t


it may not make sense, but neither does the internet
Dark n Beautiful Apr 2017
My voice, my words travel into space
In my dreams, my poem are read by you
Even when I am awake, you alert me with notification
what a new and wonderful generation.

My soul move like a slow moving cloud
On a hot sunny day: I LinkedIn to my friends
The internet has allow me to see your valleys,
Your hills, homes, mountains and your exotic flowers
impressive, deeply appreciative : No need to expressed concern
I am loving it..

Your cultures and diversity
Is worth fostering
I am always going to be there with you:

Envy your freedom
But will cherish your kindness,

For me it's ways to get a natural high
Dancing In your dazzling flowers fields or
Walking your sandy beaches,

I am a clingy leech to poetry
A poet who’s always in high spirit
That’s me!

Enjoying the breeze and the view
From my Internet explorer
Scarlet McCall Apr 2017
I’m a pensive gal.
I don’t have pink hair.
I don’t lift my skirt.
Celebs?  Don’t care.
I don’t babble or shriek.
I don’t look down.
I wear baggy sweats
as I walk around.
Like most of us,
I grin and bear it.
they don’t share it.
To say my piece,
I have to write.
And what I type,
could keep you up at night.
Here’s where I found
what I’d sought,
to engage with the world
in the realm of pure thought.
Friends without faces,
(some without names),
unknown sexes and races--
words are our game.
It’s called “platonic”
because it’s the Ideal,
without society’s “rules”
we can type what we feel.
Strip away the exterior
and what remains is the Mind.
Praise the Internet--
in it I found my own kind.
Marietta Ginete Apr 2017
What a strange place this is.
Isn't it such a strange place?
To not know ones face,
but follow what one says.

You meet people,
without actually meeting them,
It makes you quite gleeful,
without knowing the outcome.

This place is pretty dangerous
for it's starting to take over
dSteine Apr 2017
we would have remained as we were
with our shoes and our clothes
our words without voice, without witness
to our hunts for metaphors,
these sweet fruits we harvest under the season
fraught with rain, whirlwinds of dust and ashes

and then this world was forged

just as wordsmiths seek
for rhyme and first line
a thousand dreams birth to unveil
this cyberscape, the endless pages
for the human story

no more shall concrete cities and highways
bind us apart with walls or lost in the maze
under separate and distant skies
night and day paused their dance
into an embrace holding us together
so that you and i could touch
should we brave and dare
just like how we do now
i with my words and you with your eyes
where our souls little by little
we bare
a sort of hello to my fellow poets here at hp =)

i feel it is a work in progress, but for the prompt, it will do, for now.
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