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Shifa khan Nov 2018
Is it happening again!!!
My fears
My reasons
My soul
My gust of love
Why is it always this... That people break all of these
From snap of their finger
Me running away from meaning less love
Searches me back ... Over and over again..
At first it holds me like a candle in a candle stand
There for me all time
Even if  the candle melts all down
It Watches stages of my life
My glow
My flow
My fall
My low
My shine
And goes through destruction when the harsh wax changes its life ....
And then it drops me like a nightmare from its memories
Hoping that i would have never come
I was always scared of meaning less love
And all I got from this world was lust...
It was never wrong for world this way
But it would have been different
If you just knew my past ...
It was never wrong for love this way
But it would have been different
If you just knew me ....
And things are all reappearing now
I think it's just a deja vu!
Or worst, I just hope it to...
Shifa khan Nov 2018
Make me a person who can still survive
With all those wounds
Not just in my mind....
Will i ever be a desirable wife!
Why Does life go backwards
Is it ok to live
Is it sin to love
Is it rampage to decide what is fair and what is my fight....
Make me  a person who can still survive
With all those wounds
Not just in my mind...
With love at my side this time
My side is afraid to love
Am I devoted to scar myself!!!
Or are the scars are attracted to me
Make me a person who can still survive
With all these wonderful wounds
Not just inside!!!!
Isabelle Apr 2017
Adorable face
Within, lies a vicious trait
Be keen, don't be faked
Just used the adorable-horrible topic for this little haiku.
SøułSurvivør Apr 2017
We have many soul hooks
All glinting, fool's gold
Sparkling silver
The spirit is sold

They whisper half-truths
They mumble sighs
They cover our ears
With hands made of lies

They smell like roses
The mist of a breath
The finest perfume
These hooks made of death

Hooks that taste chocolate
Succulent haute cuisine
Parfait and peaches
The savor of dreams

They feel *******
Like LOVE, truth to tell
But after they've pierced you
They'll drag you to hell

You can extract them
For they are your bane
But they are barbed
So they will cause pain

The best way to deal
When they come to call
The way of prevention
So you will not fall
Is NOT to be fooled
Nor come near them

Tommy Randell Apr 2017
Sitting in the pub it was all I could do to stop myself
taking the knife from my pocket and like some Shylock
give you your pound of my flesh right there and then

It was all I could do not to slit my belly hip to hip
to spill my steaming, roiling innards out
across the table-top and into your … flat … white … lap

I could see it, my glistening, glowing need for you
hanging from my fingers reaching it out to you
offering it, to your gloss-red lips

I could see it, visualise it, feel it
as I closed my eyes through the last wave of pain and shock
I would ever take from you

And then from somewhere, from between my shaking hands
over and above the baying bedlam of nerves alight with raw fire
from deep down in me, where the root of you has always been in me

I would feel your Kiss
Lightly ... but at last in the right place
and at a time that mattered to me for a change ...

Then, You smiled and talked about the weather
We had liqueur coffees
Benedictine and Tia Maria

The March sun, weak but warm through glass
caught the feathered edges of your lips - beautiful and cruel
In ten years, I thought, you will have a moustache.
This moment happened - metaphorically. In a pub 'The Valiant Soldier' which used to exist in Exeter, Devonshire, England. It is a bright and vivid memory.
Druzzayne Rika Apr 2017
I love new technologies
all erupting every next day
with new features
and temptations

But all these technologies
are baby monsters
growing day by day
to achieve mass laziness
trapping the world
in the maze of addiction
making them lean on them
for every little things
These monsters will together,
one day,
achieve world *******
The Bitter Gourd
Spiked like a Crocodile's back
Bitter it tastes
Blood Sugar levels
In Check

All The Confectionery and Sweets
Tasty &
Tempting to Eat
Stimuli To
Blood Sugar Levels
Bitter Gourd 'karela ' in Hindi , despised by the kids and many adults alike , health benefits it has many .
And who doesn't like sweets, not always good for health.

Lightly Put :
For today's prompt
Horrible: Adorable.
D-Quinn Apr 2017
Every lace of smoke that has filled my lungs beyond capacity...
every crystal snorted after being smashed half-assedly in haste...
every needle that has poked imploringly at skin...
every pain-filled syringe and every shame-ridden binge...
it has taught me the power of falling in love.

It is you who gives me the presence of mind to stay present in my mind,
for it would be a crime to lose even a fraction of my time with you;
and, yet, losing time with you is all that I crave.
I find my eyes shutting on impulse as I pray for the moments that we spend together to stretch on into infinity,
even the most uncomfortable, mortifying, awkward ones.

The miserable longing for a fix does not compare to the hot agony of missing you ripping through my veins,
for every moment with you is rich and full of a fervor I had not previously known before I knew your name.
You are a steady pillar to tether myself to, but you are also a curse.
For, in your absence, I am absent,
lost in the drug-induced haze that has, for many years, purged me of any residual worth.

While loving you has brought me clarity,
has taught me the value of molding my hands gently to baring souls
rather than seeking a temporary fix in powder and smoke...
loving you has also made the color in the world so vibrant
that existing in your absence renders the world too dull.
I dont know if there is anything adorable in here, but there is a lot of horror intermixed with romantic tones (which is the closest I get to adorable tonight I guess).
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