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Arya Apr 2019
When everything seems that dark
And nobody's there
I promise I will stick up for you
Before this sky hits Dawn.
I hope I'm still alive
When the world's about to end
So I can have my last hug
Before we split up again.
Just know
I still love you
Either alive or dead.
Just know
I'm going to be there
Either day or night.
I just need you to do something
You'll never forget
Put my name on the sticky note
And put it on your head.
Until I'm gone.
Okay so I'm really sorry if this actually makes you cry but I just wrote this poem in the middle of the night so I hope you enjoy.
sadgirl Sep 2017
she holds me
and suddenly
i forget why i
was crying
I always seem to make the same mistake,
Every time I fall in love it's a heart ache.
Hopefully, soon, I find what I'm looking for,
No longer will I make myself suffer, no more.
As far as love and life goes, I have no idea what I'm doing.  
Half of the time I don't know what or who I am pursuing.
Isn't life funny and confusing?
Half of it were worried, while the other half were just simply cruising?

What is love without fear ?
Everytime it fails you, you get stronger my dear.  
Don't let heartbreak become your demise,
Don't let love become something you despise.

Keep your head high you beautiful being a light,
Continue to make this world feel love with all your might !
Embrace the days of good and bad,
Don't ever let a rain cloud in the sky make you sad.  

You are beautiful addition to this earthly plane,
Live this life where there is so much to gain!
Love yourself and accept your own flaws,
Don't you ever dare put your love on pause (:
As of lately I have felt more free
But not in sense that one would naturally assume.  
My freedom is one more personal to me,
It is one that is still in bloom.  
Yes, to some freedom is money,
Life is all about acquiring wealth.
Well let me tell you something honey,
One thing more important is health.
Others may require something deeper,
Something one may not see with the naked eye.
Yet one day you may come across a keeper,
And without knowing, you let them pass by.  
Love is something everyone searches for,
Whether that be in money, people, or possessions.
Yet somehow we always require much more,
And desires turn into obsessions.  
Once we require more and more,
We become human parasites.
There is nothing more to explore,
We will have tarnished our paradise.  
Do not live in past, there's no need to rewind.
Do not live in times yet to come, they have yet to occur
Just try to relax your mind,
And to the present moment you will transfer.
There is something beautiful and FREE about living in the now,
A poem may not even suffice.
It's a mindset rebirth, one you have to allow.  
Yet, I highly recommend you take my advice ❤
Lately it's been hard to get to a writing state of mind,
When I'm happy words are the hardest thing to find.  
Sadness allows words to flow like magic,
Even though the thoughts are always tragic.
But I've learned that happiness brings peace,
It's brings humans a type of release.
One from the cluttered thought,
Where words are no longer sought.  
You sit in love and enjoy life good and bad,
And you realize you are alive and you should be glad.  
Life should be simple,
Don't let the pressure cause your mind to *******.  
It may be hard to see light in dark,
But just trudge through the tunnel and find your spark.  
You light your own way on this floating ball,
Just make sure to share your light with all.
her face breaks into a grin as she sees the first few drops of the rain.
All the sadness, anger, gone all the pain.

the bliss she feels as the cold breeze hugged her.
she danced and twirled as she fills the air with her laughter.

She felt comfort inside the rains embrace.
She loves the feeling of it trickling down her face.

The rain reminds her that heart is not the only thing that's shattering,
As she hears the rain hit the pavement, cling-clang, clattering.

She loves it as the rain pours down on her face along with her tears.
Washing away all her nightmares, all her fears.

As it rains, her eyes are as bright as a sunny day.
For her, there's nothing like the comfort of a rainy day.

- F.T. 04/21/17
"Pluviophile. a lover of rain;someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days."
Being politically correct , just to be in the rat race,
Helping a deserving candidate lose out on countless opportunities
Oh !! what a disgrace .

Political debates in a news chat room

Speakers galore , reasoning insane ...
Pointing fingers like
Mumma  'yeh '  Mumma ' woh '

      Mama  Makosa....
I wanna have a 'Samosa'
And the blah blah blah ....

The news reader in fits
Calls out,  time out .. in the chat room .

Politics in life

Fire in the mountain run run run
Don't stop , run ...
Take a right , a left .... no U Turn .
Watch out ... don't trip... Run.

MJ , playing out loud ....
"All I wanna say that they don't really care about us ...."

Lost the lyrics.........??

MJ again ....
"Heal the world make a better place for you and for me and the entire Human Race..."

Time to turn around
Hit the ground
Can't let the fire wipe out the beautiful village people and the flora fauna.
Face it finish it !!

Politics not my favourite cup of tea
Might as well savour some green tea .
For the prompt 'Undervalued Topics'
Just for fun :)
No offence to any political parties or anyone in person .

( In Hindi : yeh - this ,  woh - that, Samosa - deep fried ,spicy Indian snack)
Makosa and Samosa used for rhyme only !

Have been posting a little too much by my standards, will cool down once through with these daily prompts :)))
Àŧùl Apr 2017
The driver did not stop,
He did not fear any cop,
Human heads he was to chop.

Made a red purée of humans,
He read Satanic Verses,
It's a religion of peace.
Sweden bleeds.

My HP Poem #1485
©Atul Kaushal
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