Dhaara T 1d

"Give it back to me"

"But what will you do with it?"

"I will mend it, tend to it,
and when it's beating like a drum
pumping blood, pounding love,
I'll give it to him
who inspires new life into it"

"Hmm...then I'm not giving it back
I can't see your heart beat for another"

"Okay then, keep my dying half
You're killing it anyway
The half you've left me with
is enough for me
and him"

Funny how, so naturally, I wanted to name this poem so, which also reminds me of Gollum (any LOTR fans here?), who would never part with his precious ring, or heart if that was as precious to him, so easily.
Dhaara T 2d

What? You need healing?
You are the kind of person
Who can heal herself!

Dhaara T 3d

Hey, you...me
Stop paying heed
To that cacophony
Of tainted intention
And misinformed opinion
Listen to that voice
It speaks softly
But tells you everything loud and clear
The voice that you think comes from within
That is me
On the outside, looking in on you
Trying desperately, to reach you
From another dimension
As you live
The life
I already have
In the past

Dhaara T 4d

I used to be a madman
Zipping through the silent skies
At the brink of dawn
When the blue barely got eaten by the mango sun
I used to feed on thrill
I used to charge into "danger zone"
Our Tomcat cutting through dense ether
I used to rule the aerosphere, but not alone
You were always behind my back
Always by my side
Always, my best friend, my brother
I miss you my wing man
I wish you were here
To see how we've finally melted
The icy cold heart of a man
His vengeance has now been
Taken over by much respect
We teamed up to strike down
Four MiGs, when called
To tackle crisis situation
And while I escaped what you did not
I'm sorry for you, for my loss
You could have been here
It could have been us
Lighting up the air
With our jet wash
Rev up, throttle, dodge, maneuver
Target, lock, missile, eject
A chase in our F-14 will never be the same
Not again, not without you
Between you and I, my friend
I was the bad example
So I'll return to school
To indoctrinate more like you

Thanks to my brother, I've grown up watching some of the best movies.

I think it's pretty obvious if you've watched this one; I'm curious if you can, guess which movie?
Dhaara T 5d

I woke up to peace
Our planet was filled with love
But then, I woke up

Dhaara T 6d

I am so sorry, my dear
I really, truely love you
I just don't show it
I cannot, not always
Sometimes I do little things
For you
Sometimes, I stop
I wonder if my efforts help
Do they matter?
Do they fix anything at all?
I wonder, and so I hesitate
And as you twirl in your own trance
From dusk to dawn
My hopes follow the rising sun,
And I try
To do something
However little
Even if it makes
A speckle bloom
I'll be glad

Dhaara T 7d

You showed me some things
About my heart; it could melt
But it could break too

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