Dhaara T Nov 2017

I was
Too boring for him

He was
Too frivolous for me

Dhaara T Sep 2017

In my stomach
Would go berserk
Each time
You said something
Each time
You did something
As also
Each time
You didn't

Thinking of an old love and how he once made me feel. Isn't it amazing how love can turn our hearts into mere puppets?
Dhaara T Sep 2017

Cow dung
She hung
Between her legs

Dry leaves
She'd weave
Into disposable wear

Even second hand sanitization
Was considered better condition
So she ducked into the safety of unknown risks

Absorb, if it could
Wear it she would
No space for concerns, no choice

On one hand they say
Empowered today, we women, stay
On the other, stands she, in rural patches of ignorance

It's sad to know that even today, as what not happens in the name of "feminism", there are still women in my country who cannot even afford sanitary napkins, let alone clothes. As a result, many rural women use substitutes, but it's heartbreaking to see the extent they would bend to, only because they cannot afford anything more.

Yet, I feel just as proud as I am angered by the story of such people (vs the wasteful lives of the 'haves'...a gap that huge is unfair!) -
proud because of people like Anshu Gupta (founder of Goonj, a not-for-profit organisation), who, along with his team is working towards changing this scenario with the distribution of biodegradable and affordable sanitary napkins, amongst other commendable initiatives.

This is not a collaboration or anything of that sort, neither am I associated with them in any way (other than supporting their causes), I am genuinely touched by their efforts and naturally, feel like spreading the word about their work. It would be great if you too could have a look at their website (goonj.org), and if you're convinced, monetarily or non-monetarily, support their cause?
Dhaara T Sep 2017

Thunder [x10]
I was caught
In the middle of my dream
I looked round
Hit with fear and excitement, I did scream
My mind raced
As I sat up in my room
And I knew
Tonight, our egoes come to a doom
Sound of the drums
Beating in the clouds
Oh thunder, what fun
It gave me a start
I've been

Building buildings and highways
Tainting jungles, moulding towns
We think, urbanisation'll fix us, yeah fix us,
and it would be fun
We set big goals
"Re"claimed land to build architectural marvels so fine
Broke all the rules
But weren't we the fools?
No no we, we, we didn't use our minds
And they were shaking all the trees
Witnessing this, I was pleased
Irate nature is feisty, not kind
I've been

And they were shaking all the trees
Witnessing this, I was pleased

Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
It's alright, we're doin' fine
It's alright, we're doin' fine, fine, fine
Thunderstruck, yeah, yeah, yeah
Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck, may we be, may we be
Thunderstruck, I've been Thunderstruck
Thunderstruck, Thunderstruck
I've been Thunderstruck

I've used the term thunderstruck here, to mean more like 'lovestruck', as I am often mesmerised with and in love with how nature intervenes every now and then, to reclaim the power that truely belongs to her.

Last night, I was woken from my sleep, by her, as she boasted in full glory, of her power. There was lightning, there was thunder, and it all seemed so threatening. Trees fell and windshields smashed. Oh, it was such a high to see her rub it in, showing who the boss here is. If only, we humans stopped messing with her...
Dhaara T Sep 2017

It wasn't
that he was
the waltz
and I,

All that
in the
was that
our hearts


each other's rhythm

Dhaara T Sep 2017

Not every tree
has the deepest of roots
Not every leaf
belongs on the shoots
Not every petal
unfurls to reveal the truth
Not every flowering plant
will bear the same fruit

Not every bud
will necessarily bloom

And that's the harsh truth of life

In one of my discussions with a friend, I was reminded of this theory that says everything in life is by default designed for doom. I cannot recollect the name of that theory...anyone?
Dhaara T Aug 2017

In healing ourselves
We end up
Making ourselves stronger
Than before

I've been ill for a week now and today, as I was practising singing, I realized that my voice had in fact opened/cleared up more than ever before - all because I have been using all sorts of home remedies to cure a bad throat.

I realize that this is actually true even for something as serious as depression. Having experienced it first hand, it's easy today, for me to say that fighting depression only makes you stronger than ever! Of course, if you don't give up. If you're reading this, and resonate with even one word here, please don't give up on a good fight. It may seem impossible from where you stand but even if for a moment, you could believe this, know that light does exist and it is waiting as eagerly to be found by you as you are to discover it.

Good wishes and energy,
A fellow human
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