Dhaara T 18h

My heart learnt today
It can now beat for ever
Not for a reason

The rain pours
As we sit
In my car
I occupy
The driver's seat
my heart and head

Dhaara T Jun 22

From my inner passions
I'll let that fire ignite
Once again

Let my head be held high
Let my heart run wild
Once again

I'll close my eyes
And make the tides rise
Once again

Run with the wolves in dense lanes
When the moon shines
Once again

Nobody's fool, not a nomad
I'll be the only queen...mine
Once again

Another one that feels more fit for a song. Unsure about the title, help please?
Dhaara T Jun 18

I'm struggling to stay afloat
Not in view a single boat

As fins of darkness approach and threaten
And hungry thoughts, their grip, fasten

I bleed my life into infinite waters
Sinking an inch a second, hope getting shorter

Dhaara T May 23


And unwilling
to fall again

We'll keep touching
each other's hearts


Not to cause more cracks
Or to expose our own wounds

Because diving freely
In another
Could mean the risk
Of drowning

And isn't it better to be alone?
Than to be together only to feel alone

So I'll gift you a full smile
Shed some light on your aching heart
Water your gardens
Until you bask in the bloom of shining light


I'll be another traveller
On your journey, and join you
When you're scared

To take the plunge
To discover broken pieces
Of your soul

I'll help you unpuzzle
If I am able to keep up

I'll treat you with my whole heart
but only half a hello.

Feels more fit for a song than a poem, to me.
Dhaara T May 20

Consume what comes your way
Bask in the light of day
So easy
On everyone around
From cracks, through, you make your way
Your tendrils embellish, enliven
The monotony of concrete walls
Your blooming songs
Attract buzzing and chirping bones
So silently, slowly, you encroach
But barely conquer
You rule the heart of this blooming world

I am in awe of greens...I particularly love how creepers grow just about anywhere, how plants and trees take up space so silently, around us, yet when it comes to how they contribute to our planet - nothing silent or small about that.
Dhaara T May 16

Eyes meet, hearts kindle
One step...

Petals unfurl, minds unravel
Two steps...

Strings entwine, souls bind
Three steps...

Inhibitions shed, vibes align
Four steps...

Halos crack, fangs emerge
Five steps...

Curiosity begins to surge...

    -----  Intermission -----

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