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lifeonLSD Apr 11
I see what we humans do to this world
and that’s why i’d rather stay alone

If we can be so egoistic about what gives us life unconditionally, continously
how the hell are we supposed to love each other?
Traveler Mar 23
Last year’s leaves incapacitated in an icy grave..
Burly cattails poking up through the surface of the icy lake.
With my back  on the dock my feet resting comfortably
on the bright reflective white ice, from here I write.
The air temperature at 40 Fahrenheit seems like summer,
I soak up the beautiful rays while fumbling with my device.
Two Canadian snow geese fly over honking
catching my dog and my attention, our eyes follow their flight.
Green, grey and brown quacking  mallards swim along the melted shore line, it's mating time.
Puffy black squirrels hopping from tree to tree a jungle gym
high above in the forest canape. Over. way over on the other side of the lake I see deer near the shore line. I try to bring them to my dogs nearsighted attention but only my human eye can see.
Today the world looks beautiful from these poetic eyes.
lifeonLSD Mar 23
roaming around this planet
has me creating worlds
inside this world
as a refuge
to escape the madness

there i feel save
no pain nor misery
but often loneliness
so i never put up fences
just a gate

every once in a while
i give away the key
to my garden
so i can share
the fresh air of flowers

every world i’ve build so far
they only came to steal
demolish or corrupt
but i keep creating new ones
without any walls

still i wish for someone
to water my trees
smell the roses
turn it into a heaven
and lock the gates to be free
lifeonLSD Mar 23
Of all that i’ve lost so far
i have found so much more

The truth can never be unseen
and i never felt more liberated
lifeonLSD Mar 22
I remember as a little kid
laying in my bed at night
just before i would fall asleep
staring at my ceiling

seeing nothing more than stars
and wishing to be upon them
i still carry the same wish
J C Feb 2019
I don’t believe in the term I love you more.

It’s either you do [love] or you don’t.

We will not be able to quantify or qualify this feeling.

All things are possible when love lives in our hearts.

Impossible dissipates into the ether.

[I think] that’s just me.
Gracie Nov 2018
i like to think of goddesses.
they're pretty cool if you ask me.
i'm obsessed with three main ones in particular:

nyx- goddess of the night.
selene- goddess of the moon.
asteria- goddess of the stars.

and yes, they are from Greek 'mythology'.
but i don't see anything mythological about them.

so maybe you might think that Asteria riding across the sky with a chariot of the moon is a little, unusual.
and maybe you think that it's weird how there are different beings controlling different things.
perhaps it's the idea that history has told you that all of this ideology is made up.

and you can think that.
but i don't want to.

because i find safety in the fact that i have my full devotion in several beings, all taking charge of all aspects of my life.

it's quite liberating actually.
not a poem, but more like a little rant about what i believe in, and how i don't care how strange it sounds to anyone else.
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