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Camila Feb 2021
Did you love him?

Well... let me put it this way
I never wanted kids until I wished someone to look like him,
just to see how it would've been
If i had met him before i did.
Camila Feb 2021
Thank you anyway
I will always wish you love
and happiness and a life of success.
I'll send you light wherever you are,
you made it so hard and so easy at the same time.
Camila Feb 2021
i think you emptied me
i think you took it all.
Camila Feb 2021
I wonder if you miss me
if you think about how it could have been different
it North wasn't so far away from South.

Tell me, do you remember
any random night drinking with your friends
and still wish I was there next to you?

Does the smell of whisky and lilies
reminds you of me dancing at 3am like no one's watching
back when it didn't matter that our days were counted.

It was short but it was strong,
two months of somenthing real,
just enought to never forget.
Camila Jan 2021
Ojalá te borraras de repente.
Que mañana al abrir los ojos no me quede ni un recuerdo tuyo.
Que al sentir el viento no me acuerde de tu olor.
Que al vestirme el roce de la ropa no me haga extrañar tus manos.
Ojalá te borraras de repente, que desaparecieras sin dejar rastro, que las canciones no las escuche con tu voz.
Que pueda ocupar tu lado de la cama sin sentir que sobra espacio.
Que lograra calcular la cantidad de café exacta para una sola taza.
Que pudiera ver las fotos y no encontrarte.
Ojalá te borraras de repente.
Que al escuchar tu nombre no me diera un brinco el corazón, que fuera una palabra tan extraña, como si me hablaran en otro idioma, que no significará nada.
Que te fueras como lo hacen las palabras, como lo hacen las promesas,.
Que al dormir ya no te sueñe.
Ojala que te borraras de repente.
Camila Aug 2019
I wanted you,
I wanted you so bad.
I wanted to fix you,
to cure your loneliness with mine.
I begged to tame your demons and heal your scars,
to kiss the bruises on your heart.
I could've taken pieces of me to fill the holes in you
but the dark was so big you couldn't see through.
  Nov 2018 Camila
i don't know
why i still
look at your

get out of my head

get out of my head


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