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Coconut Skins  Feb 2015
Coconut Skins Feb 2015
This refreshing sensation fills me up,
I exude optimism and happiness.
I realise what makes me happy,
Family, friends, occasions to celebrate.

Celebrate the life that we have,
Our success and our wins.
Learning to grow and be happy,
to accept things which have happened.

Experiences are great. I yearn to be more open minded than I am, to take every chance I get. I want to experience life to the fullest, the good times and the bad because, as clichéd as it sounds you do only live once. What do I want to do? Travel. Meet new people. Push myself out of my comfort zone. Learn another language. Go skydiving. Write a good poem.  Eat new foods. Reunite with old friends. Relax. Enjoy the view.
Obviously not a poem but just started writing and it happened.
Zead  May 2015
Zead May 2015
I mean like...
i feel like God is telling me to do something right now.
But then i think of it.
Its probably just me.
I don't know
Maybe i should do it
Maybe i didn't do it
I hope it's not Him
Because im going to do some else first
Do i feel guilty about it?
No... not really
But i can't help it
If only i let myself not be lost
Since i don't do everything i know is the right thing to do
Stress is on me
Smoke a cigarette
And rest
My obedience is a joke
I believe I'm in His mercy
But if i am
Its certainly not because of mine own will
So let's make sure that this ending is happy
Matilda Jan 12
I wrote it all down, to calm me
and then I panicked.
How do I transcribe panic?

Can I communicate the need
I have to be perfect for you?
To watch the pain in your
body fall so far that your
eyes lose their limitations?

I'm bringing you painI'MBRINGINGYOUPAIN

I need it to stop but doesn't seem to end

When you just won't lay down your own fear.

And my projections run wild, like your hair in the morning.

And our poetry has paused. Me write pretty someday yes?

You say you're a job, but I can't see the work?
There are no bags to lift or accounts to balance.

You're a rewarding addiction, a puzzle to piece

butpleasemyGOD lend me a hand,          climb into my lap.

Let me put you where you were wednesday. Just then

The smile and squirm after "I love you."
Can't that happiness sustain us forever?
Unknown date