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Zack Ripley Mar 7
I ran from responsibility.
I ran from my fears.
And now, I'm running into your arms because you're here.
Paola Verduzco Jan 2019
Oh wow
His arms
Holding me
His arms are
When he holds
When he holds me
Oh how I feel safe, Next
Next to you I am so happy
But when you hold me, oh
My troubles all go away
In your arms I belong
I know that now
One of my absolute favorite places to be is wrapped in his arms, its such a beautiful heart warming feeling. I love you Hugo
Latina1813 Jun 2018
You ask me about myself
But it doesnt matter
What I say
What we do
Cuz I'll fall asleep In Your arms
What movies do I like
What movie would we even complete
When ur warmth
Like a fire burning in me
Hibernating the feeling growing inside
I fell asleep in your arms
But it doesn't lay dormant
And emotions stir me
His eyes staring back at me
What is your favorite animal
Could that matter
Cuz ur warmth coats me
Like Siberian fur
And I cuddled you like a cub to mother
I fell asleep In your arms
To await the next question
Do u want to see me again?
Cuz I could fall asleep In your arms like an addiction
I could never kick
Yusof Asnan Aug 2016
You brought her across the world;
Without realising that;
You've dragged her all the way.
Barking her skin and breaking her bones
As you kept holding her hands.

Ambika Jois Nov 2015
The end of the day
Gets so dark
I get so tired
All I wanna do is
Fall asleep
In your arms
And I just know
All my dreams will flow
Among the flowers and the leaves
By the river
It'll be colourful as we fly
The sky will be blue
And we will be so happy
Coz you and I are in love
And in the same dreams too

— The End —