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Aug 2015
"He's a nice boy try not to get bored too easily."
You always praise me when I do well when we watch television quiz shows
And you turn around when I am getting undressed; which is ironic as it is not like my body is something that you haven't seen before.
You are a gentleman.
You don't care about negative things people have to say.
Almost feminine in your ways or maybe this society just effeminates the positive qualities that men possess.
I thumb your face it feels smooth, your eyes are small and dark but they feel so honest
Is it Wednesday or Thursday?
Time doesn't exist around you, nothing else really matters around you.
Your almost sociopathic calmness doesn't unnerve me
Getting your life together, from a boy to a man.
Making me feel like I am part of this transition radiates the attraction I feel.
I trust you not to pry through my belongings.
This probably isn't love but what I do feel is new and it is strong.
Thank you for cooking for me and
Thank you for showing me respect
It is all so refreshing, like a cold shower after you've been trapped in the heat all day
I had been trapped in the heat too long

I am so glad that I have you now
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