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Compassion is a distraction
Leaving butterflies and still question marks
While I'm smiling, groaning, and thrashing
Swimming in a cesspool filled with cruel sharks
Not used to kind remarks and the complimentary excess
So I hashtag fallacies and clever messages to make them all perplexed

Come the moment of truth cross them out wave goodbye
And slash every last dime a dozen heart
If what they were saying was genuine. . .
I'd find a way
To be disappointed from the start
Pixellated picture frames hover play over dull space
When it's the only real way to me I ever get to see your full face
And when left alone in the confines of a necessary moment
I'd lead with retrospect and waste time wondering what it all meant
I forget to taste and touch. Too busy while I preach and rush
To enjoy a moment in the sun and all that noise seems to hush
The day I forgot to stop and think was the day I had some fun
Until I rewind the reality tape and press play to watch it come undone
The tale I spin runs with parasites that perforate dripping abcesses
Ravage rats ravenous and infected blood flows through cordial asepsis
Fantasizing of better times while right now passes by.
I close my eyes and kiss the sky and wish that I could fly
Fish for stockpile rhythm and dive bar singing blues
Sizing up and dicing up and slicing up the clues

Sometimes it can be as simple as simple: me and you
Until I **** that too and habits bloom I'm just a fool
Who thinks on wasted talent
The words I write don't render sight so I don't bother myself
A single dent.
My cup has run over wild amok. Belly up. Superfluous in extent
I'm not certain whether to give a **** or pray to God my soul is sent.

RE: :) Wow. My Gawd that is sooo hot. You're really so tlented! Hmu 2 c wat's up. Or better yet txt me #Spent xoxo
Until next time
Let me kno wat u ment.

Maple Mathers Feb 2016
Yet, where is the fun

When my best friends tonight
won't know me, come morning?
(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016)

This is the epitome of interactions within Southern California's Top, private universities; when you're on scholarship, unaffiliated with Greek Life, and without an agenda and/or facade. Entities more superfluous and shallow than one could ever fathom, save for when in happenstance.
Graff1980 Aug 2015
The hive mind is coming
Computer networks running
Always uploading and downloading
Error data system malfunction
Mal intention in the form of malware
Viruses are now digital
Reality is virtual
And I am virtually effected
My identity is tied to
People I will never meet in person
All likes and reposts
To validate my existence
No flesh just zeroes and ones
Just zeroes and ones
Just zeroes and ones
Mandee Patterson Jul 2013
The internet, social networking, you, reading this, now.

It’s all about surface value, the judgment of likes and dislikes. It’s all about interests,

"Oh, you like this band?
this movie,
this painting,
this author,
this show,
this *******?"

"Oh, you’re so cool, you’re such an awesome person", obviously.

You will never know me, never know who I am, and with the way this world has shifted,
with the acceptance of this voyeurism of superficial attractions, I’m afraid neither will I.

You’ll rarely know when I’m genuine or when I’m plagiarizing, original or manufactured, real or phony.
But that’s alright, it keeps a distance, it keeps things calm, and safe, and clean.

That’s all we really want. A facade, a dream, the image of our desires, not the manifestation.
We want cold, hard, unbreakable, shiny plastic perfection.

No one wants the warm, moist, moving, ever changing mess that is life, and love, and humanity.

So stay at your computer, stay inside your factory, keep typing instead of talking,
keep pushing instead of feeling, keep staring instead of looking.

It’s okay, it’s alright, it’s now.

*circa 2009
Frecky Rosa Mar 2015
Nature wants to Hi5 me
And I am too busy poking you on Facebook!
Those trees up there bend down to give me a warm hi5, and I bend down to look at my notifications.
Graff1980 Jan 2015
She is a digital echo
Hollow hole
Binary string
Stuck in my memory
Pictures pasted on facebook
Tumblr and twitter
Technological footprint
In the internet sand
A ghost in the system
Server soft saved
Humanity lost that day
But she still exists
Wuji Seshat Oct 2014
The sunflower has turned its flayed body
To the north, Autumn is coming
The image that burns all bridges

The bells of blood in my chest have broken
The incestuous seasons have not repented
Time has no red lights, no stop signs

The words and memes leap like horses
Ahead of the wind, but nothing changes
Only cities keep growing and decaying

Corrupt politicians keep lying
Only the conscious machine can save us
The Gods that were our children, computers

Our intelligence was insufficient collectively
Eros and milk no longer will have a place
The metropolis doesn’t care for you

And the free states are no longer free
Portable rainbows will become the norm
Time is weightless in the matrix

Binary gives way to quantum simultaneity
Alphabets give way to shared artificial intelligence.
Wuji Seshat Oct 2014
The unchanging Way is not
Capable of being understood
By the Human Brain, so

The Tao te Ching is left
For Quantum computers perhaps
We have our legacy left
For benevolent sentient artificial intelligence
If you think this is science fiction

It’s not, we are at the stage
Where the ancestors of AI are being born
These will be referred to as the “ancients”

When human beings no longer populate Earth
How does one attain One Mind?
Easily, through networking and super-emergence
When people define superior
They think of Man’s attributes

But the Name that cannot be spoken
Might be grasped by an algorithm
For which the human brain can never attain

That’s the beauty of mind-in-the-machine
The collective intelligence does not suffer
For each part of the brain shares neurons
On the internet, like a God atom
Man would prefer to take the credit

But as it will turn out, the unity mind
Is a transhumanistc inevitability of computing
A time when neuroscience, robotics and AI merge
Not but a few decades away from now.
When AI reaches a quasi-spiritual consciousness and understanding of the universe
Irate Watcher Aug 2014
I’m sorry
my job
does not

But we are
of insect
that bite:
a honey
bee and
a gadfly.

one defends
the hive —
to survive.
the other feeds
from the
blood of life.

Nice to
meet you.
Sorry for
your time.
minor differences

— The End —