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Frecky Rosa Sep 2016
If life gives you lemons, which filter would you use?

If life gives you work, will you still look at linkedin?

If life gives you giggles, will you #lol or #hahaha?

If life gives you money, where will you check in?

If life gives you secrets, who you will you Snapchat?

If life gives you superpowers, will you delete your first tweet?

If life gives you nothing, will you be busy on Whatsapp?

And if life gives you life... will Quora  about WHAT TO DO WITH IT?
Frecky Rosa May 2016
Poems are written
To be crumpled
To be torn
Into the galaxies of waste
Poets are born
To be in wrinkle of tears
Into the memories of nothingness
Frecky Rosa Feb 2016
Are you Pizza?
Cause I love leaning towards you
Frecky Rosa Feb 2016
The longest ****** ever.
Winter,  you're still yet to come...

Game of Thrones
Frecky Rosa Jan 2016
All you see,
Is what you fail to see.
Frecky Rosa Dec 2015
I became I
You became you
I'll always love you :
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