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Wuji Seshat Apr 2015
Man is the only being who knows he is alone

This morning, let me drink the silence
Let me swim in my own solitude
Being the profoundest condition
Of my humanity, you’d think

I should get to know her better
Intimacy and silence, that’s all
There every is, I cannot often
Penetrate another being with my love

Since surrender must occur mutually
And there are times my emotion
Does not require reciprocity
This morning, let me forget about altruism

For we all deserve the dream
Beyond myself, somewhere, I shall
Then wait for my own arrival
The slow enlightenment of lifetimes

Because two bodies, naked and entwined
Soul and body, mind and heart must somehow
Learn to live together and leap
Over time, we are not invulnerable

However in the silence of today
I realize there are no yesterdays, no names,
No you and I and no tomorrow
This morning, I want to give myself up
To something higher than I ever was.
Wuji Seshat Mar 2015
Hey guys, I used Soundcloud to speak this last poem, please check it out:
Wuji Seshat Mar 2015
Emma’s Journey

Now no more the slanting rays
Of rain or snow, this poetry
Of weather charting the bright haze
Of days on Earth, sweeping melodies

Did your forget even for a time?
That our days here are limited?
Feel it slipping like an evening hymn
The months become years of lost moments

Most musical and to heaven extending
The loves ones leave us now
The Sun we once held so dear
Is softly descending, O Lord our waiting eyes

This universe as wide as the speed of light
These ***** nightly meditations for what
You would have become, little signs
Of creation and contemplation

While my world is growing dim
Now no more the crimson blaze
Of fiercely loving, give me wisdom
For these tragedies, of losing and loving

And starry pleasures of transcendent gestures
Encoded in art in private moments
Of what it feels like to be lost, anonymous
And solitary, the unexpected sleep
Of a youth dying before their course was set.
Wuji Seshat Nov 2014
Goodluck everyheart
That dances on timelines
For a while, a short blink
Of an eye between cascades

Goodluck everyheart
That now watches life
As pure energy, watching
Stars die, reviving stars

In the impermanence of things
Goodluck everyheart
That runs on the lips of time
Laughing and playing

In the existence of routines
Death comes to each one
Like a sound, or the coming
Of a silent storm, it’s natural

To die, goodluck everyheart.
Wuji Seshat Nov 2014
There is a silent street
Where poets go
And a tiger color of light
Rains down, a search

That is never found
Via symbols at the end
Of literature and pages
Mere metaphors for

The creative process
Of image and narrative
The act of encapsulation
Experience, such a myth

Like memory, only a ripple
Of the original, so the authors
Glimpse something unreal
And seek to translate it

But the poets know, they
Will never come through
Their vertigo of dream
Writing in the wind

On the sand in the desert
Catching reflections in the river
Of the sky, the essence
Is forever lost, of each moment

Only we can approximate
In art, part of the beauty
Of creation and hunt persecuted
Through time, the testaments

OF sun, wheat, flower, pomegranate
Bumble-bee, united at the same
Address, of autumn on a terrace
Somewhere near you.
Wuji Seshat Nov 2014
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want
The Lord of Love is an eternal
Green pasture, he leadeth me to my daughters
My daughters in the stars, they wait

For us to arrive, the creations of the creations
Surely goodness and mercy shall
Follow me there, to build a house
For my Lord, the Lord of Love

Who brings peace and empowers
All sentient beings to find their true
Expression of God’s grace, that being
The slow make of our evolution’s whim

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not stray
I shall learn until I have no enemies
I shall ride the stars until I discover
A new home, and until the entire cosmos

Is my familiar playground, we shall be then
More righteous than these adolescent times
On Earth where we squabble like school children
Amongst ourselves in our little misbehaviours.
Wuji Seshat Nov 2014
Love’s progress does not wait
For Elegies or romantic verse
The right true end of love is
Carried over, in the next generation

For how long, whose to say?
Until our children are born immortal
Until our machines talk back to us?
By our new nature, from planets

Harvesting stars, equally at peace
Love’s progress no longer rests
In the story between a ‘you and I’
Love is a thing for society

To share like virtue, soft and free
Perfection to unite, and value more
Than gold, more than wealthy
Or any physical kind of security

Although we see the celestial bodies move
Love and time have their own marriage
These swelling lips that sing of passion
And these serene hearts that dance
For a brief lifetime, that went too fast?
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