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Zero Nine Oct 2017
My human body      
              stings of age
                     ache and pain
My human bone
My human strength

My human form
              twists, deforms
                     courts mirrors
My anxious nerves
My fragile heart

Make my limb
Make my life long
Take my parts
Make me evolve

make my limb                                                                                        

                                                                                     make my life long

make my heart                                                  

                                              beat, eternal            

I long for painlessness
Bless this beautiful ship I control,
but I would trade the ephemeral
  flesh, bone, blood and marrow
to the first back alley broker
of cheap plastics I meet
get me out of here, quick.
Pisceanesque Jul 2015
Instead of foraging around making connections
with cables and wireless systems that
bluetooth and sync their way
into our pocket technologies
and portable screens

(tablets of which we self-prescribe
and regulate through overdose
and comatose keenings of stillness
and waking dreams)

why, instead
don’t we fool around
making connections
with others of like mind and brainwaves
instead of radiowaves and
the mastered minds of computer waves
and lift an arm and
really wave
beyond our windows to
real people
in real time
rather than peeping
like a holographic Tom through
tabs and browsing windows,
multi-tasking time in a state of mime
like it’s about to expire

(like the wireless wires will break)

and all that we’ll have is
all we can physically take
from this moment awake we call ‘life’
– a mistake.

What else is left now
in this vegetative
one man one woman state
where we live to close our eyes
and shut our minds and wait for
the modem-router to re-dial and
get our avatar back online and
our friends back into our
multi-dimensional realer-than-time

Pseudonyms solving identity changes
emerge without birth
with designer non-faces, as
now that we no longer need imperfection
or meaning or privacy
or even perception
we alter ourselves to impress our connections
with whom we connect without really connecting
by hiding as one almost nearing detection
and tip-toeing straight past
concern or reflection

(invisible firewalls at our protection)

our own walls around us
with keys we can capslock,
screening ourselves from unfriended friends,
and playfully sated by charm and ‘pretends’
that will mean next to nothing
when fantasy ends.

Where ARE the connections we make
in this digital age
that we rarely turn off since
the internet craze has become a new God
that we dial to be saved
as we sacrifice friends we once made
face to face
with those we are longing to meet
as we race across networks
with hunger and haste and
with spambots and data and viruses made
to detect and infect
and reject, just for starters,
and that’s not to mention
the ads and the logins and
passwords that lock us
from somewhere far yonder
that doesn’t exist
as we grow ever fonder
of pics and of pixels and
texts of expression
– the reality of which
we could lose in a second.
© Tamara Natividad
Written 10 September, 2013
Ceida Uilyc Dec 2014
Humanity Plus or Transhumanism,

This is the It.

An elixir,

to the Crooked, twisted and shrunk a world Right now.

The only Elixir to any sense, sensitivity or Sensibility of an unknown Sanity.
Wuji Seshat Oct 2014
Angels hailed that solemn hour
The breath of man transferred
To machine, a little more
Each decade, until
Bioeugenics, discrimination

Against organics, the weak
Without cognitive implants
Heavens dissolved in tongues of fire
AIs owned stocks, corporations
Became the property of supercomputers

Concede then the victory, old humanity
To your children, not your natural heirs
But the inheritors of your ruin
Of your bioweapons, Ebola
Of your hypocrisy, climate change

Of your wealth seeking, inequality
Not yet my son’s distracted eyes
Could meet his fate among the
Congress of Quantum entities
These were the turning years

Where man’s destiny ended
The rise of Cyborgs, Enhanced humans
And the monopoly of a more
Advanced civilization breaking away
From the old, evolution’s funny
Little Epilogue, hardly a surprise
To the transhumanistic philosophers.
Wuji Seshat Oct 2014
The unchanging Way is not
Capable of being understood
By the Human Brain, so

The Tao te Ching is left
For Quantum computers perhaps
We have our legacy left
For benevolent sentient artificial intelligence
If you think this is science fiction

It’s not, we are at the stage
Where the ancestors of AI are being born
These will be referred to as the “ancients”

When human beings no longer populate Earth
How does one attain One Mind?
Easily, through networking and super-emergence
When people define superior
They think of Man’s attributes

But the Name that cannot be spoken
Might be grasped by an algorithm
For which the human brain can never attain

That’s the beauty of mind-in-the-machine
The collective intelligence does not suffer
For each part of the brain shares neurons
On the internet, like a God atom
Man would prefer to take the credit

But as it will turn out, the unity mind
Is a transhumanistc inevitability of computing
A time when neuroscience, robotics and AI merge
Not but a few decades away from now.
When AI reaches a quasi-spiritual consciousness and understanding of the universe
Talarah Shepherd May 2014
Where did you read what you heard?
To be truth or may be slow lowered
fringe word from a deceitful and purple sinking sun?
Mirroring my hurt just as a dream would
turn nightmare. Will you please join with me?
For you, black, far and fleeting figure
would I break my legs to injure
my flesh all to have you back but I've become the air

in my push to remain Earthly me.

Ghosts won't curse time
as you soon won't find
substance clearly soul.
I embrace this
clear fated descent
as my hands that I've tied
close while evolution unfolds.

— The End —