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Open wide,
you’re a universe I want to explore.
I want to dance through the galaxies in your heart.
Let me swim through to the farthest constellations of your mind
I’d love to burn up in a supernova inside your eyes.
I’d die blissfully beneath your blazing skies.
You burn so bright
I’ll never live to see another dark night.
Is it true?
Could you be mine?
ˏˋDalPalˊˎ Oct 2015
The memory of your touch on the earth will remain
As you glide through the Milkyway
Watching the earth circle the sun
You are part of every sunrise
You are part of every sunset

You're up there
Between the planets
Dancing on the moon
Inhaling stardust
Exhaling love
Lounging on an asteroid,
Tapping the ash off the tip of your cigarette on the galaxy's edge
Memories in constellations
That you twirl between your fingers

Our mission was together
But you decided to leave early
The suspension of your ship caught me off guard
I was too close to the flames
It burned me deeply
But I know the stars were meant for you

You're more infinite than you have ever been
Breathing easy; my fellow space cadet
I know you're okay
My wounds will heal
but the scars will remain.

You always loved my space poem, I thought I'd write one for you.
We were going to go to NASA in Houston together. I'm going to have to make that trip for both of us now.

I love you Desma, please don't be gone.
ˏˋDalPalˊˎ Oct 2014
Moving is like a new toothbrush
it feels weird and unfamiliar at first
but you soon adjust and get used to it
I thought of this when I first moved and I was brushing my teeth with a new toothbrush
ˏˋDalPalˊˎ Sep 2014
how do you write a poem without love in it's meaning?
rarely is it ever about what they're talking about

are you being literal when you write about the tree and how rough the bark is?
or are you referring to our initials carved on the other side?
of course you are

hidden between each space in the type
the attachment to the dearest
and the gentle hearts of the unnoticed

all the indirect metaphors
and clever analogies
it's so very clear

so much power and meaning into those four letters
controlling every other emotion you feel
it is every emotion bundled up
into one poorly carved heart on pine wood

you're going to carve that tree with the greatest feeling of love every time
and it might just end with the worst feeling of love

but no matter the weather
it's going to stay there
does this make sense?
it's 4am and it just sounds very headass
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