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I always tell the truth
     Every moment of the day
I always write what I'm feeling
     And what I really wanna say
I don't ever let myself get walked on
     Or abused or put through pain
I never hide my face with sunglasses
     Or let my tears fall silently like rain
I've never gone back to a man whos cheated
     Or beat me or made me feel less than nothing
I've never based my opinions of others on my past
     Or cut myself so I could at least feel something
I'm never gonna make another mistake
    Or fail or treat someone unkind
I've always thought I was worth more than others think
    And I've never lost my mind
Next in my series of "lies" (I've lost track.of how many) To read the rest click #mylittlelies and #mytruths. Thanks.
and yet....
I   F

Into Your Eyes
      Into Your Words
             Into Your Voice
    The feelings my heart.
            and mind
      have created
Leave me very little choice
          I cannot control
   the musings in my soul
        the desperation in my heart
     or the erratic thoughts in my mind
           That keep tearing at my insides
      Making me want to fall apart
      Especially, in regards to me
I just wish you could see
          I know I sound crazy
     But, sometimes we just can't help
            how we feel
       It's too much to ask of you
   But I'm a fan of the truth
          and I know these emotions
      that I'm trying to conceal
        they're all real
  I tried and tried and tried
         but I just can't control
            what's deep in my soul
     and how my heart feels...

Just thought you should know...
A Daily

        Help Me
   Kick It
Another in my series of lies. Click mylittlelies and mytruths to read them all...
   And Feel

**But I Don't
Fourth in my series of 'lies', click on #mylittlelies and #mytruths to read the rest.
I'm not sure
      h o w

I can
     k e e p
          this              P
Third in my series of lies...
      Self Explanatory.....
Click #mylittlelies and #mytruths to read the rest.
I know what you'd all like to say
      To make me feel better
"Beauty is on the inside"
       "You are beautiful"
But my soul is so tattered
       And my heart
Has been repeatedly
All the scattered
      bits and pieces
   You might find in there
          Between the scars and creases
     Would make you all run and hide
               If beauty shines from the inside,       Then I'm the **ugliest beast alive
The second in my series of 'lies'. Click #mylittlelies and #mytruths to read the rest.
I'll smile,
  I'm okay...
Better than the
First in my series of lies.
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I told you all some truths about me
                To be honest,
It was kinda sickening
        Completely disconcerting
I'm not sure I like opening up like that
          They were only ten words each
And most of you probably didn't understand their
          deeper meanings
      But to me,
They were everything
            All the little parts of me
That I truly don't like admitting
So, I've decided I'm done with
             the truth
At least for a little while
    It's time for some
        Pretty Little Lies
       A few to make you smile
And a few to make you cry
           Since everyone else can tell me
                  so many lies
Well, now it's my turn.
The first in my new series  of ten word lies. #mylittlelies
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Thank You.

I've only


Other human*


Two months.
My final truth in this series of mytruths. Honestly, it's getting too hard to admit some things...
I don't even have a place to go for Thanksgiving.
I'm not looking for pity,
I'm just admitting things y'all didn't know.

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     with me

Is like

With a
~you CAN break me down~

Number 7 in my series of truths. Click mytruths to read them all, Thank you.
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