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Dec 2014
I always tell the truth
     Every moment of the day
I always write what I'm feeling
     And what I really wanna say
I don't ever let myself get walked on
     Or abused or put through pain
I never hide my face with sunglasses
     Or let my tears fall silently like rain
I've never gone back to a man whos cheated
     Or beat me or made me feel less than nothing
I've never based my opinions of others on my past
     Or cut myself so I could at least feel something
I'm never gonna make another mistake
    Or fail or treat someone unkind
I've always thought I was worth more than others think
    And I've never lost my mind
Next in my series of "lies" (I've lost track.of how many) To read the rest click #mylittlelies and #mytruths. Thanks.
The Girl Who Loves You
Written by
The Girl Who Loves You  Within My Heart
(Within My Heart)   
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