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Akshi Hargoon May 2019
You threw her away
A seed which wasn't being used
She fell to ground
In despair, in a desperate attempt
To make something of herself
The dirt which she fell in, nurtured her
Provided her with all that she needed
Now she stands tall
A beautiful strong tree
Fulfilling her purpose
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
People always said, there's a light at the end of every tunnel - I never did believe that until I saw that light... In a person...

He brought out the best of me as well as the worst.
He could comfort me even though he was the cause of my untamed anger.
My calm exterior underneath which was a raging volcano of anxiety
One controlled by him so as to not let it possess my every pore and consume me

Being with him is like waking up to the sound of the birds chirping, the smell of fresh crisp air, the sight of mist covering the hilltops like a warm fluffy blanket. He is my sunrise on an overcast day. The rainbow after a storm and my *** of gold at the end of the rainbow.... He is my existence...
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
He was intoxicating
A feeling you get after consuming a bottle of *****
A head rush, happy endorphins released
With you I felt capable, able enough to take on anything
To be anything
To touch
To feel
To believe
You were my magic pixie dust
Akshi Hargoon Mar 2019
Emerald green
            Long glistening leaves
                             Dancing in the wind
Appreciate nature
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
The water flowed
In a beautiful way
I just wish I could stay
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
I saw a crow, sit upon a tree
It glared right back at me
It gave me a frightening caw
A huge pointy beak and sharp claws
It's blood stained claws gripped the branch
I could feel my throbbing heart
It was such a scary site
Just like a movie scene shot at night
I turned and walked away
Thinking to myself, gosh! What a day
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
Just because I'm not like you - doesn't make me strange
I may be wired differently but definitely not deranged
I am a glow worm emitting a light when I'm at my best
But for that to come into sight I need my antisocial rest
I blend in like a chameleon when I'm in a crowd
But feel a reckless need to leave when the voices get too loud
Makes me feel like an addict in need of narcotics
Though I'm perfectly normal I get looked upon as psychotic
Just because I'm not like you - doesn't make me strange
I am a normal human being - definitely not insane
I connect with people that are non judgemental
Their place in my life is definitely instrumental
If I don't like you - you'd be sure to know
Coz I ain't the type to put on a show
We all have different personalities. We should accept it instead of making judgments about a person
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
"Would you burn for me?" said the Candle to the Flame
Sometimes we burn ourselves for others
Akshi Hargoon Feb 2019
They were different but
           A force that nobody could
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