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Valentin May 3
I am looking for you since you left
I go above the mountains
I try to have a clear vision
Through the fog and clouds

I shout at the summit
I shout at the summit
Only my echo resonates
I cry until my body gets dry
My heart is drowning in my tears
My heart becomes the blue planet

I remember again and again
Above those mountains I hope to find you
My head on your lap
You pass your hand through my hair
When the flight is delayed forever
I fall asleep on your lap and now
Before I sleep you are in my eyes

Above these mountains is the safe place
Silence goes into me and I see you
Wind whispering something I can't distinguish
Beyond the horizon you are here
Beyond the horizon you are inaccessible

Because you don't see me
My tears are yours
Because you left me
My tears are yours
Because you are far from me
My tears are yours
Because I will still be looking for you
My tears are yours
tao Apr 28
Off the distant peaks,
in the heart of valley stirs,
the sound of mountains.
Oliver Bishop Apr 18
I have been memorized by winding dirt
doorways that led me to fantasy. Magical
forest -- it’s funny how simplistic we
name places when we’re children. Overgrown

rhododendrons surrounded me, my hands
plucked leaves off and ripped them mindlessly,
leaving a Hansel and Gretel trail of
torn chlorophyll. So monochrome

without their flowers; my mind painted
perfect, pink orbs onto green. A brown thrasher
flew by, or maybe a hummingbird.
I stared at the light dispersed

sporadically through branches, particles
floating and falling, gentle. Nearby,
I glanced at crocodile rock in the river.
My imagination was good at transforming

the static to life; shapes had more
personality. I tiptoed onto the slippery
surface, stepping on its mouth,
triumphant. Animal planet taught me

that their jaw is only strong when closing
and incredibly weak when opening.
I stood on the beast, and felt safe, strong,
running my fingertips on its bumpy scales.

Now, I see a large rock. I see empty
branches. I still hear birds, but
they’re hidden, my mind unable
to conjure up a flock. I see reality.
The darkened night time rain had finally rolled in
From the other side of the mountain that separated us.
I felt the gentle tapping on my shoulder
Slowly gain more force.

I knew it then,
That it was time to leave.

The fire had already gone out in the downpour.
“One less thing to worry about.” I sighed.
I reeled in my once baited hooks and set the poles aside.
“I swear there were fish here.”

The Drops that fell from the needles of the evergreens
Had become less few and far between.

And I knew that I had to hurry
Or once again get caught up in the floods.
I hurriedly threw the rest of the gear in the car,
And sped off for home.
Elle Vee Apr 15
The wall was up high
No one dared to cross
But we both tried
I got stucked in the middle
Saw only darkness
You fiddled
A wail from me
a scuffle from you
I already knew
One thought to understand
One ought I'd understood
I slowly sank
I quickly grabbed
A rabbit above
Lilies, my favorite, at the top
A brokenheart
One hand held me up
Struggled for breathe
Forced me to go forward
Now I look at the sunrise
Alongside him onwards.
A squall is howling, bouncing off my tin roof
Amplifying drones throughout my corridors
In foul squall, I've walked twenty miles or more
Down diamond mountains to flooding sea plains
Where small stones are strewn liberally
Gray-blue waves settle as the ripple to shore
Below my ankles are numb with frigid pangs
But I don't resist the frigid, I invite it
No one Apr 12
The silence engulfs me,

the quiet sound that fills the Earth,

An ambient hymn covers each inch of snow

Never noticed, but always there.

All white; devoid of color...

but maybe it's okay to not yearn for green.

The lights in the sky dancing over the sky;

so strong you hear the static crackles within the air.

The stars that go on forever

but seem like they're only yours.

The grass covered in polished quartz,

the moon illuminating it;

making it shine brighter than the stars.

A covered sky, glazing over the stars.

The clouds whisk away the light,

claiming it their own.

Only then to pour over with more soft speckles.

You look up; breathe in the frigid zephyr.

The mountains that tower over you,

threatening to consume you without effort.

They block out the light;

the monoliths create a void,

one that is darker than your mind.
Dez Apr 7
Let me go to the mountains where the air fresh as the babbling spring. Where the night sky is unpolluted by man’s neon light. Where the moon shines in her glory her pail face looking over the rumpled face of the old mount. Where the wind blows gently through the trees whispering her secrets in the trees. She loves those who chase her and laughs at though who stand to face her. For she is a love of mine and she has her moods as lovers do. Sometimes she scares the travelers wailing in the night through the mount’s many wrinkles. At other times she gently runs her fingers across the face and through the hair of a stranger as she passes them by. Take me where they are. Take me to the brook where I may lye down and rest and when I awake with the mornin is kissing me with the morning dew. I may drink deep from natures well. Let me be with my friends for it is they who listen at all times. It is in them I confined my secrets. Oh, let me go to the mountains.
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