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chris Apr 2021
I just got the news of you leaving 
this world.  

I regret not telling you that I love you
I regret not telling you about all the things that I love about you
I regret not telling you about how fun those times I spent with you were
I regret not telling you all the things we did together that I treasure
I regret minding too much about how my voice would have trembled if I had told you all these feelings.

I love you.
I miss you.

and I’ll never forget you.
chris Apr 2021
what a wonderful thing
what a wonderful thing

she was my heart,
my soul,
my everything
chris Mar 2021
my eyes are rain clouds
they’re stormy
and I’m tired
of tears falling

wish you called one more time
it’s raining. it’s pouring.
it’s 3 am in the morning
and I just need you by my side
come back another day

/ /

come back home.
just come back home.

it’s raining. it’s pouring.
I’m tired of crying in the morning
cause you’re not here beside me.
chris Mar 2021
you thought
i could be
your friend

when you didn't have a problem leaving
and when i am here grieving
chris Mar 2021
to be like icarus
to taste the clouds
to reach for the sun

to fall
as your wings melt
down your back
then on your skin
how does it feel
to be like icarus
who has flown
too close to the sun

to fall
chris Feb 2021
You are walking down the hall when you see her. She stops and stares, and here, alone in the cool, shadowed corner of the palace, there is no longer any pretense that you do not know each other.
and she speaks
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