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chris 1d
you thought
i could be
your friend

when you didn't have a problem leaving
and when i am here grieving
chris 3d
to be like icarus
to taste the clouds
to reach for the sun

to fall
as your wings melt
down your back
then on your skin
how does it feel
to be like icarus
who has flown
too close to the sun

to fall
chris Feb 24
You are walking down the hall when you see her. She stops and stares, and here, alone in the cool, shadowed corner of the palace, there is no longer any pretense that you do not know each other.
and she speaks
chris Feb 24
"Hope is a shameful thing." Her lips twist into a smile.  

You remember how good it felt to hate the world together.
chris Feb 24
The garden is beautiful tonight but somehow you are all I think of.  

She sees it in your face.  


> I'm okay.
> I can't stop thinking about it.
> You shouldn't have to deal with my ****. Let's just have a good time.

chris Feb 24
You trail away. The sky is spinning a glowing vortex of radial star lines. You fall to the ground, arms sprawled behind your head, writhing as the universe hypnotizes you.  

You feel the grass growing over your face. Feel yourself sinking into the earth. Soft, warm, like the roots are veins, red brown dark, fertile, rich, fecund, churning with life.  

You think about your long life of fear. About waking up as a husk tomorrow. You clutch at the grass. It twists and tears in your hands and the dew feels like blood.

Like being dragged out of a deep pit where you've lived so long in isolation you no longer had any reference point, but now that you've seen the light and tasted clean air, you'd fight like a rabid animal to stay free.

You look around and you can't see your dead friend anywhere.
chris Feb 7
I feel like I saw you
But when I open my eyes
There is an empty room

Here I am, again.
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