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Udit Vashishth Nov 2018
I used to call myself a writer
she came and taught me
"How to hold a pen

I thought of myself as a singer
her melodious voice enlightened me
"How to listen to the symphony of
your own heart."

I called myself a dancer
her passion for dance instructed me
"How to sway your body with the
music that your heartbeat sings."

I dared to call myself a lover
her unconditional love solemnly
educated me
"How to love someone affectionately
even staying miles away from each other,
even when you can't see each other
every day."
I have been doing everything so wrong then, she came into my life and changed the perspective of looking at this world...
Udit Vashishth Nov 2018
Don't get your hopes high.
Don't fall for the same lie.
Remember the past
How long did it last?
Fair and square
You're a horse with no mare.
So, run and run like you've never run before.
You are on your own you need no one to adore.
Fall and rise.
You've paid the price.
Burn the midnight oil.
With your sweat, irrigate the soil.
Open up the cage.
Let roar your rage.
Don't sit in a corner like a coward.
Let your determination be your sword.
Enough of sobbing, wipe off your tears.
Get your bow ready and so does your spears.
Rise before the sun.
Believe that you're the one.
It's time to pick yourself up.
(Look in the mirror and say that to your face) -
"I'll never give up"
It's time to rise. It's time to reach the infinite or maybe beyond that.
Udit Vashishth Nov 2018
Wo afsaano ka banna yun hi tha.
Wo daastano ka bunna yun hi tha.
Yun hi tha wo intezaar ke lamhe ginna.
Aur shayad hamse pyaar karna bhi yun hi tha.

Wo dur rah kar bhi pass hone ka ehsaas hona yun hi tha.
Wo har raat aur har subah hamse baat karna yun hi tha.
Yun hi tha wo har naghme me doob jana.
Aur shayad un naghmo me ek dusre ko talaashna yun hi tha.

Wo alfaazon ka bayaan hone se pehle pura karna yun hi tha.
Wo har subah, shaam dhalne ka besabri se intezaar karna yun hi tha.
Yun hi tha wo has has kar baatein karna.
Aur shayad har raaz ko khulkar batana yun hi tha.

Kya tumhari awaz sunkar dil ka zor se dhadkna yun hi tha?
Kya armaano ka mehal banana yun hi tha?
Kya yun hi tha wo roothne ke baad wapis aa jaana?
Kya tumhare wapis aane ki ummed me jeena yun hi tha?
This is my first ever hindi poem...
I have never written a hindi poem before but sometimes you feel something that compels you to write in such a way.
Udit Vashishth Oct 2018
Staring at your divine face,
Looking at those shy eyes which
couldn't even behold towards
me in my presence,
I have promised myself already
that I'm not gonna defile the
empyrean aura of yours.
So, forget about perceiving any touch.

I am so enthralled by this aura that,
to me, you look no less than a
pristine soul, a deity which shouldn't
be touched but should be worshipped.
Words should be expressive.. They'll automatically become impressive...
Udit Vashishth Oct 2018
For a few days, my pen will remain silent.
My mind will be numb and thoughts won't be violent.

For a few days, the writer inside me will hibernate.
I don't know when he'll return but I'm sure it is going to be a bit too late.

For a few days, I am not going to see the rising sun.
Will remain in the state of inactivity with no joy or fun.

For a few days, my face will look like a corpse devoid of any expression.
Expressing it didn't work out so I'll try the other way - supression

For a few more days, my heart will not be dilating just contracting inside my chest.
Hollowing me from inside, eating me up.
For some days, in peace I'll rest.
Hibernation, yeah human does that too..
It's time to take a nap..
The writer inside me wants to sleep..
Udit Vashishth Oct 2018
A girl is lost..
The girl whom I love & admire the most
Is lost.
Lost in the deep woods.
There are lots of ferocious animals in these woods..
The poisonous DOUBT,
The mighty DEPRESSION,
The wicked SUSPICION
The treacherous HATRED.
She's really vulnerable and can't even defend herself.
I'm afraid she might get lost in this jungle forever.
No one has ever come back from this jungle, once lost.


There's always a way.
A ray of hope.

I'm waiting on the edge of the woods, showing her the path with all the light I have and waiting for her to hold my hand.
But that would only be possible when she would make the effort of picking herself up and just walk in the direction of my light.
I can't do it alone because she ran away to hide herself, unaware of the upcoming dangers.
So, I'll wait here on edge of the woods.
Hoping that she would come one day.
It's been a while since I've talked to that girl whom I used to love. I am talking to a girl but she isn't the same girl. Some disguised person. She's lost.
Udit Vashishth Sep 2018
Somewhere away from this world where there's no one to judge.
Where no one asks why, where no one holds any grudge.

A home which both of us would adorn with our love and care.
There'll be a sofa in our drawing room & two chairs to be fair.

Of course there'll be a balcony in our house. Oops! Home, I beg your pardon.
And many small plants to make it look like a hanging garden.

In that balcony you would stand and the breeze would kiss your pretty hair.
And I would stare at the beauty of the moment sitting hypnotized on my chair.

With each passing wind our wind chime of the balcony would ring.
And complementing its music, I would wait for you to sing.

We won't colour our walls with just paint but with memories too.
And a wall with no particular pattern. Just random colors like crimson, green & blue.

Sitting on the sofa, watching TV, for the remote we would fight.
And suddenly, getting close to each other, I would hold you tight.

Our main door will have a name plate with your name written before mine.
Beacuse I am nothing without you, you have always been my spine.

So, if you can imagine what I have already forseen.
Then how about taking a step forward? How about live-in?
It's our wish, our dream and both of us talk about it so much..
It's still a wish...
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