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Zia Apr 22
We were two peas in a pod
Trying to beat the odds
Because we didn’t pray
to the same god
People called us frauds
But couldn’t they see
they were as much flawed
as us two broads?
Zia Apr 18
You only care
when I lie, bare
on your bed
my legs spread
you shout, honey
I’ll make you happy
but we both know
all you want is a blow
until then you’ll pretend
that you care until the end
Zia Mar 23
You've always been different from the rest
And that's why, to me, you'll always be the best
Zia Mar 23
you came
you saw
and you left

i cried
i stayed
and i conquered
Zia Mar 17
i care what people think
i'm now standing at the brink
in one hand p'haps my last drink
my mind and heart out of sync
n'er been a great swimmer so maybe i'll sink
my eyes move to the sky, strangely pink
even if i want to, i can’t blink
until i hear the distant clink
wait, where am i? aloud i think
in my office, says the shrink
Zia Mar 16
I walked away, weak
I looked ahead, bleak
I endured pain, strong
I thought of dying, wrong
I built over, alone
I started smiling, milestone
I laugh and live, selfish
I’m not looking back, you wish
Zia Mar 16
You tease me
with fleeting kisses
You whisper in my ears
your dearest wishes
You profess to love
all my broken pieces
You keep saying
you’ll keep your promises
So why am I in tears
just like your ex misses?
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