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Zia Oct 2020
Our love, I foolishly hoped, would be pretty simple
For down my spine you’d always send a tender tickle
But you and not I turned out to be blithely fickle
The day you said goodbye, I got to see pure evil
In eyes that were once alluring if not readily sinful
I silently cried because my heart then you did *******
The forever you promised somehow became a mere wrinkle
In the future that I now have to explain in past participle
Zia Jun 2020
A river of sins
coursing in my veins
you’re slowly
under my skin
Your hands
the firing pin
I beg
up to my chin
to release me
oh! my king
‘fore the
swallows me
Zia Jun 2020
Of a brewing silence
and buried emotions
we’ve built a house
walled with doubts
our interior decor
layered with rancour
Scattered ornaments
cloak our armaments
Oft engaged in aphonic wars
We rack up our scores in
crystal-clear jars
Zia Jun 2020
You came as a surprise
And made me realise
that on earth there’s paradise
I just have to look in your eyes
and feel how blessed am I
Zia Jun 2020
I think of you very often
of what could have been
if I hadn’t left back then
We had a great between
I think of how it all began
and how it had to end
You are the only has-been
that would have been
more than it had been
were we given
more than a min
I can only imagine!
Zia Apr 2020
We were two peas in a pod
Trying to beat the odds
Because we didn’t pray
to the same god
People called us frauds
But couldn’t they see
they were as much flawed
as us two broads?
Zia Apr 2020
You only care
when I lie, bare
on your bed
my legs spread
you shout, honey
I’ll make you happy
but we both know
all you want is a blow
until then you’ll pretend
that you care until the end
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