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Zia 2d
Of course I want to be read
She wrote that, I want it to be said
I’ve got so many stories in my head
Few I’m proud of, many I dread
I lie down at night in my bed
threading words worthy of a spread
Oh, by the way, my name is not Zed
Zia 5d
Your loving gaze
Like sun rays
Thawed my cold heart
I thought I was falling apart
Nothing made sense
Until you touched my hands
How could that be?
Such power over me?
I looked into your eyes
In mine you saw the whys
But what I saw in yours
Took away my fears
Zia 7d
the journey to my truths
started with too many lies
that’s how I know
yesterday’s pain
and today’s sorrow
will be tomorrow’s joy
Zia Jun 14
A hint of spices
In his meat slices
His hackles rise
He's ready to scythe
The imbecile
Who ruined his appetite
Zia Jun 14
What does your daddy do?
He got rid of his working shoes
When he does not snooze
He listens to old tunes
While his tea brews
He reads the news
He likes to cruise and take in the views
My daddy is cool.

What about your mommy?
She's busy, busy making money
Take a break honey, says daddy.
I'm still young, she gets cocky.
Give her a ***, she'll make a curry
Ask her for a penny, she'll buy you a pony
Witty, sassy, finicky, pretty and many
More to add to her personality.
Let me end her story
Before you say I love her more than daddy.
Zia Jun 13
withered flowers
my heart in tatters
there goes my forever
Zia Jun 13
numerous times
I’ve thought of
the many times
you didn’t care
enough to
check on me
for old times’ sake
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